Product Update - Valve
Aug 25, 2010
Version 1.6.2


  • Updated the item examination tooltip formatting to ensure that entries line up properly.
  • Updated the Auction House listing font for time remaining and seller name. Seller name will be available in a future update.
  • Fixed the Minor Respec so that you can't go negative in points if you are forced to spend a point in a skill. Also, undoing points spent on stats will undo the forced points in skills. Prevented the skill from going lower than its minimum value if forced points are already in the skill.
  • Added a tooltip to unspent AP and respec points to show the points being spent.
  • Switched the CTRL+Click item link to the mouse up to prevent interference with item stack splitting.
  • Fixed a weapon display bug for dual wielding in which the primary weapon display was affected by the firing of the secondary weapon.
  • Fixed a weapon display bug for mouse wheel weapon swapping so that it shows the new weapon immediately and fades out until it becomes active.

  • Fixed dual wielding animations for both first- and third-person mode so the animations play while alternating and interrupt sooner, if needed. The weapon can only be fired after the alternate weapon has been fired and is halfway through its delay time. This is automated as long as both keys are pressed, even if pressed at the same time.
  • Fixed one-handed melee attack animations that were occasionally skipping frames.
  • Synchronized melee combat reaction animations, particles, and sounds. Also adjusted the timing.
  • Re-enabled blood spatters and sounds for melee combat that vary based on normal, glancing, and critical hits.
  • Fixed an issue with kill hits or targets moving toward players without triggering reaction effects.

  • Fixed a minor respec issue that could grant the user more AP than were removed from attributes.

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