Product Update - Valve
Aug 9, 2010
Updates to Europa Universalis: Rome have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Annexation of two province states allowed
  • Rebels can now declare independence
  • Rebels and pirates now fight as if they had a martial 7 leader, and use tech modifiers
  • Mercenaries are now twice as expensive to maintain, but reinforce (with their own manpower) at a slow pace
  • Revised the childhood events of characters to present clearer choices
  • Civil wars no longer affect trade routes
  • Improved handling of foreign occupation of provinces at the end of a civil war (no more gamey auto-conquests)
  • Winning a civil war now gives a big loyalty boost to all characters
  • Winning wars gives ruler popularity, losing costs popularity
  • Generals and admirals no longer lose or gain loyalty and family prestige when assigned or dismised, or when units are reorganized
  • Generals and admirals gain some monthly loyalty for each cohort or ship they command that is _not_ personally loyal to them
  • No longer possible to disband units with personal loyalties
  • AI improvements across the board
  • Women are allowed to hold offices among the Siluri and Catavellauni
  • Leader skill now matters less in combat
  • Some new events, characters and character ambitions added
  • Tylis is now a powerful tribe at game start to simulate the Gallic invasion of the Balkans
  • Massively speeded up load times

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