Product Update - Valve
Jul 2, 2010
Updates to Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

- Added server-side lag compensation for bulleted and close range weapons when hitting other players. This makes those weapons hit where you aim, even at high pings (in versus modes).
- Automatic matchmaking system. It tries to find a server with a good ping and with some players already in - if possible.
- Deathmatch mode is forced to the front of game mode list, so users always select it by default when choosing versus modes (if they just continue pressing OK when joining).
- Fixed several exploits on Bear City.
- Fixed cases where Palenque Demo couldn't be completed in some game modes (most notably when using warmup).
- Fixed cases where Land of Damned could not be finished on tourist/easy difficulty in coop modes.
- Several optimizations in network bandwidth used by projectiles. Fights with a lot of flying projectiles should now be more responsive.
- Several improvements regarding tighter packing of data in network messages.
- Sometimes, under conditions of packet loss, some enemies would not get deleted but would stand as zombies around or their corpses would never get deleted.
- More optimized bandwidth use for voice chat.
- Fixed regression in standard menu font size. The font is now smaller, as it was before.
- Some improvements in support for multimonitor setups.
- Added workaround for wrong version report from ATI driver.
- Driver version detection is now controlled by an external .lua script, which can be easily updated when drivers change.
- Steam.dll was missing from the dedserver installation, causing it to report warnings on the stdout.
- Fixed "Secret.santa" typo.
- In some rare cases, unreliable RPC compacting could randomly drop some other message from the message queue.

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