Product Update - Valve
Sep 4, 2009
Stickman Studios release a FREE major update to Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy.

Enjoy 20 levels of frantic ship to ship combat in the all new Co-op Mode. Join forces with a buddy and help the Golden Buccaneers triumph against their arch rivals, the deadly forces of The Crown. Fought across 5 mini campaigns, players must overcome overwhelming odds against the clock to progress - so co-operation is key. Grab your eyepatch! Summon your cut-throat brethren! Roll out the guns and set sail! The Buccaneers are counting on you!

This huge update includes:

  • New! 5 mini, 2 player co-op campaigns, play co-op online or across LAN.
  • 7 new Steam achievements
  • New crown co-op A.I.
  • New co-op Hall of Infamy.
  • 20 co-op levels in total.
  • Mode specific loading screen tips.
  • Loading screen painting...
  • Dedicated server system
  • Multiplayer and co-op hosts now broadcast a national flag to show the country they’re hosting from.
  • Healing Icon shows when you’re under repair or repairing another ship.
  • Ship repair system updated.
  • Major localization overhaul.
  • A.I. land based cannon are balanced.
  • Team multiplayer update, 5 treasure runs = 500 team points bonus
  • Pirate voice on his own volume slider

Plus many, many other bugfixes and enhancements.

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