Announcement - Valve
Aug 13, 2009
Get the inside scoop on Left 4 Dead 2, new Left 4 Dead DLC and much, much more tonight on GTTV!

Tonight's revealing episode of GameTrailers TV takes viewers inside Valve as we showcase brand new Left 4 Dead 2 footage, including a never-before-seen campaign that's quite literally a carnival of zombie action! We also deliver detailed information and new gameplay footage from Left 4 Dead's upcoming DLC - Crash Course, find out about the future of the Team Fortress 2 short films and the possibility of a TF 2 comic book, and host Geoff Keighley unleashes a flurry of Twitter user-questions on Gabe Newell. Find out about Valve's distance from the PS3, the progress of Half Life 2: Episode 3, Counter-Strike 2, and a whole lot more!

All of that and more is going down tonight at 12:30am ET/PT on Spike and you can catch the show after it airs on in glorious HD.

Check out this week's promo:

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