Product Update - Valve
Jul 23, 2009
Updates to Defense Grid: The Awakening have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

  • The game pauses on a new level until you place the first tower (or right click the mouse) to allow you to look over it and plan your strategy
  • Added alien health bars with an option to turn them on and off in Settings menu
  • Adjusted the difficulty for levels Last Stand and Waste Disposal
  • Changed the entrance and exit arrow colors for the Last Stand level to show which exit corresponds with aliens from which entrance
  • Updated various text strings for better accuracy and clearer understanding
  • Added an extra digit space in the resource counter to accommodate high resource count
  • Left Hand mouse control is now supported
  • Added a version number in the How to Play section

Issues Addressed
  • Turtles now spawn aliens even after a save when they are in a level.
  • The interest accrued at the end of the mission is now always included in the associated leaderboard posting.
  • Link to and update to the latest version of DirectX in order to address audio issues for some users
  • The Game tip sound no longer plays when the user turns off the game tip visual cue in the settings.
  • The Orbital laser is now not affected by saving or loading.
  • The 15 Tower challenge mode description was incorrect, it has been updated.
  • The meteor trails now look better at slower framerates.
  • The UI no longer cycles quickly while fast-forwarding.
  • Changed silver medal core criteria for Assessing the Threat to be consistent with other mission criteria.
  • Changed requirements for Siege Breaker achievement so it is now awarded.

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