Press Release - Valve
Jun 23, 2009
(Bellevue, WA - June 23rd, 2009) - Valve Corporation, one of the video game industry's leading entertainment software and technology companies, announced today that they have released support for the Novint Falcon for several of their best selling games.

The Novint Falcon is an entirely new type of interface for PC gaming. Essentially a small robot, the Falcon lets players feel high-fidelity three-dimensional touch in enabled games.

Valve's best selling game franchises, which account for over 30 million retail units sold worldwide and over 80% of the PC online action market, include Half-Life®, which has won over 50 Game of the Year Awards, Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike® Source, Portal® and Team Fortress® 2. Valve is also the developer of leading-edge technologies, including the Source® game engine and Steam®, a leading platform for digital content distribution with over 20 million registered users. Today, an update was distributed through Steam adding Novint Falcon compatibility for customers of The Orange Box which includes Half-Life 2: Episodes 1 and 2 (the original Half-Life 2 is playable with the Falcon through a download available from Novint), Portal, and Team Fortress 2. Additionally Valve will soon release support for other leading titles including Left 4 Dead, Day of Defeat Source, and Counter-Strike: Source®. Using the Falcon, players feel realistic weapon recoil, enemy attacks, vehicle movements, and interactions with the environment. Novint has also released its must have Pistol Grip accessory, which replaces the standard Falcon grip to create an even more immersive FPS gaming experience.

Customers interested in purchasing a Falcon to use with Valve's games can do so at Novint's site, Novint is currently offering a special Orange Box bundle, priced at $149, for one week only in celebration of the launch. The bundle includes the award winning Novint Falcon, the pistol grip, the Orange Box, and over $150 of additional software.

"We're very excited to partner with a company so dominant in the PC game industry," said Novint CEO, Tom Anderson. "Their sustained excellence, best-selling games, enormous user base, and forward looking vision make them standard bearers for the industry. We feel Falcon support for their online games in particular could be our first real killer app, which is an exciting milestone."

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