Product Update - Valve
Sep 16, 2015
Updated the network protocol to fix double execution of some commands. For this specific update, we suggest you not download the update if you are in an existing game, as the protocol change will not allow you to connect to a game started on the previous version.
Fixed ability animations not playing if they were interrupted then restarted.
Fixed a case where performance would hitch on machines with fewer than 4 CPU cores.
Fixed Puck's Illusory Orb not granting residual vision correctly.
Improved map edge and fountain collision.
Improved the visuals of the waterfall on the map.
The demo map now supports previewing of weather effects.
Fixed player colors sometimes being in the incorrect order.
Fixed a hitch that could occur with particles rendering underwater.
Fixed wards showing up as error models when equipping different wards after the start of the game.
Animated econ items such as Slardar's Grasping Bludgeon correctly animate in hero loadout and item detail pages.
Fixed some item modifiers icons missing from the item details page.
Fixed a bug where many particle systems were not appearing at the correct scale in loadout screens.
Added more descriptive error messages when unable to launch.
Linux / Mac: Fixed Japanese and Traditional Chinese fonts rendering incorrectly.
Mac: Fix the death effect causing the screen to go very dark.
PET: You can select a hero replacement model, for example Crystal Maiden's arcana model, and it will correctly populate the list of econ items for Crystal Maiden so you can equip those items onto the arcana model.
PET: PET now correctly previews scale on particles when selecting a hero model to apply the particles to, and that hero model has a scale associated with it
SFM: Added ambient occlusion controls to cameras.
SFM: Improved ambient occlusion rendering quality by using per-pixel normals and fixing the 2x2 box filtering artifacts.

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