Client Update - Valve
Feb 18, 2015
Steam Client Update Released

An update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Added UI listing your owned DLC in the library details view
  • Changed recent games lists to include recent purchases as well as recently played
  • Added a new Browser settings page with new option to delete the cookies use by the built in Steam browser
  • Fixed some cases where certain long chat messages could cause long client hangs
  • Fixed drop down options in settings dialog initially showing as blank
  • Fixed a crash in OpenGL games when taking a screenshot or recording video
  • Fixed multiple crashes on shutdown & client restart for update
  • Fixed check boxes in list panels flickering or not rendering immediately after mouse wheel scroll of the list
  • Improved responsiveness of library details view for games where you have many friends who play
  • Fixed case where running a game that has Cloud Sync disabled, when in Offline Mode, could cause existing Cloud files to be overwritten
  • Fixed rare crash updating task bar icon jump list contents on Windows
  • Changed menu item to use web site to find driver updates for AMD graphics cards
  • Fixed bug detecting Windows Compatibility mode set on the Steam Client

Big Picture
  • Improved scroll bar behavior when dragging or clicking the bar/thumb regions with the mouse
  • Fixed potential out-of-memory crash when changing from Steam to Big Picture mode or back again
  • Improved slider control behavior
  • Performance improvements for situations with many UI panels updating/painting
  • Fixed a case where the activity feed could fail to load the right pane contents for roll ups with a large number of items
  • Fixed a bug where font styling on ranges within labels could be invalid after a resolution change
  • Fixed video playback over SSL
  • Fixed a rare crash trying to load zero byte image content
  • Fixed a crash when playing video
  • Fixed rare hang on launch or when switching from Steam to Big Picture on Linux
  • Fixed some text not rendering on Linux

  • Added option to record only game audio (new default for all broadcasts)
  • Broadcasts are now more resilient to failures with system audio recording
  • Improved mixing of game/system audio and microphone
  • Fixed some games minimizing when full screen and a broadcast starts
  • Fixed broadcaster not seeing chat messages if broadcast was stopped then started again during the same game session
  • Added video encoder tuning setting (prioritize video quality or capture performance)
  • Fixed regression which would result in broadcasts unexpectedly stopping, usually with "Missing Keyframe"
  • Fixed changing between push to talk vs. voice activated microphone recording during a broadcast
  • Don’t show Broadcast notifications in-game if user is offline
  • Audio from games that require exclusive access to the sound card can be recorded when using the record only game audio setting
  • Fixed scaling when recording video in OpenGL Core games

In-Home Streaming
  • Optimized slice encoding for client decoding capabilities
  • Fixed crash if Big Picture is opened while streaming
  • Fixed possible crash when starting a stream

  • Improved caching of downloaded workshop items
  • Fixed a bug publishing a Workshop item with a preview image when using an external tool

Virtual Reality Mode
  • Fixed a bug where the Steam Client could crash when launching certain VR games

  • Fixed a bug causing Elder Scrolls Online to crash on startup when run through Steam

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