Product Release - Valve
Prime World is Now Available on Steam!
You've seen the world changing around you; drums of war beat in your ears and rumors of exciting things to come were whispered in the taverns. All of that has lead to this moment. The prologue has reached its end...

As of today, Prime World has left beta and officially released. Join us as we march into a new chapter in Prime World's history!

We enter this new era with a plethora of festivities[], from the crops within your castle that yielded 3x their grain to your Heroes bringing back 2x loot from battle. And this is only the beginning!

New frontiers opened as our French[] and German[] speaking players can now enjoy Prime World in their native languages, complete with new sites and clients.

The future of Prime World is being designed as we speak, based on feedback from you, Nobles. We've seen Prime World come a long way and we are committed to continuing down a path of constant improvement! All of this was made possible because of you, our awesome players, who continued to support us while we chiseled away on Prime World, turning it into something bigger and better. Nobles, you are the inspiration behind the shape that Prime World is taking, and we're excited to have you on board for this awesome journey.

The future is nearer than you might suspect! Hero balancing and more match making improvements are just around the corner, along with new talents, improved AI, a referral system and personalized web profiles. And that's just the beginning! We've got tons of awesome new features coming to Prime World, so stay tuned for more discussion about these elements over the next few months.

A new era is upon us, Nobles! Rejoice, for Prime World has now officially launched worldwide!

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