Client Update - Valve
Feb 25, 2014
A minor update has been released for the Steam Client and will be automatically downloaded. The following changes are new in this update:
  • Fixed some games which crashed or failed to launch when installed to alternate Steam library folders
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Steam on Mac OS X to complain incorrectly about case-sensitive filesystems, blocking future updates
  • Fixed a bug that could, in very rare conditions, cause Steam to remove other unrelated files while uninstalling The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
  • Fixed a bug that could cause all game server favorites to be removed when logging in to Steam from different machines

This update also includes all of the following changes from the Feb 19 release:

  • Fixed "App already running" error when re-launching app in some cases
  • Fixed some cases where the Uninstall progress dialog could stick around forever
  • Added more UI feedback to the login dialog if Steam needs to download account data
  • Added a Show Password option in Big Picture mode to simplify password entry when using a controller
  • Added IP tracking to game server favorites. Favorites will automatically update to new server IP addresses if the game server is using a persistent account
  • Disabled Family Sharing Beta in Offline Mode

  • Fixed bug forcing Japanese text input to hiragana mode on focus change
  • Fixed repeated crashing in GameOverlayUI.exe when running as Administrator

Linux / SteamOS
  • Added an auto-detect step for audio outputs when booting SteamOS for the first time. You can change the selected output device using the Audio option under settings
  • Added under/overscan and brightness settings to the initial SteamOS startup UI
  • Added support for selecting your sound input device on SteamOS (for voice chats)
  • Fixed device volume not being reset to 100% when changing audio device outputs
  • Improved the error messages when Steam is unable to adjust system Audio settings from within Big Picture mode
  • Updated the Steam Runtime libraries

Mac OS X
  • Fixed launch issues for certain games using non-standard memory allocation routines

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