Product Update - Valve
Nov 19, 2013
* Couriers that scale their particle effects based on their games viewed will work again.
* Fixed several bugs that caused recipes to be generated with incorrect requirements.
* Fixed a bug that caused the UI for a recipe that requires multiple inputs of a particular rarity to incorrectly display a requirement for a specific item once the input requirement was partially fulfilled.
* Uncraftable items will no longer be generated as required inputs for recipes. Recipes that currently have uncraftable inputs will be adjusted to require a random item of the same rarity.
* Fixed a bug where inscribed gems would only display their first digit on the Steam Community Market.
* Inscribed gems now are named only by the type of stat they track instead of the type of stat they track and the value. This means that all items of the same type will appear together on the Steam Community Market. I.e.: No more "Kills: 1" category and "Kills: 2" category instead there would just be one "Kills" category.

Diretide Candy Rush changes:
- Roshan no longer belly aches.
- Roshan refreshes hero abilities only once per life at 50%.
- Roshan cannot be frozen, disarmed, or silenced.
- Roshan can be stunned and hexed.
- Roshan has a Spell Block ability (10 sec cooldown).

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