Product Update - Valve
Oct 22, 2013
An update has been release for Left 4 Dead 2 Beta.

- Fixed chainsaw effects stuck on when a player dies
- Split shared melee weapon sounds and script entries so they can be modded individually
- [Linux] Fixed controller support
- [Linux] Support for Chinese font rendering
- [Linux] Fixed problems with incorrect mouse grabbing when joining a game
- [OSX] Fixed problems with lerp calculations

Map exploit fixes:
The Parish 4
- Restore player blocker near the parade float crescendo event after map restart
The Sacrifice 1
- Block survivors from an infected-only area near the safe room
The Sacrifice 2
- Prevent Survivors from skipping the gravel pile crescendo event
No Mercy 1
- Add truck headlight beams
- Block Survivors from the roof of the bus stop
No Mercy 2
- Prevent Survivors from skipping the generator event
- Block the top of a subway car
- Block a fence top after the generator event
- Prevent Survivors from escaping the map
No Mercy 3
- Block Survivor access to an invulnerable window ledge
- Prevent Survivors from skipping the gas station lift crescendo event
Cold Stream 1
- Block Survivors from getting on the tower roof
Cold Stream 2
- Prevent Survivors from jumping over a truck near the barricade

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