Product Update - Valve
Aug 28, 2013
- Fixed recasting a higher level of Enfeeble only refreshing the existing duration without upgrade the stats
- Fixed Epicenter not slowing attack speed by 10

- Fixed Timbersaw's body blade not rendering properly.
- You will no longer see other player's -commands (like -ping).
- adjusted cloth settings for Witchdoctor and Lion

- Added experimental Player Perspective Directed mode. Turn on by selecting player perspective and setting dota_spectator_directed_player_perspective to 1.

- Add audio for cheese usage.
- Fix FoW interactions on QoP and AM blink.

- We now do not use Adobe Flash to play videos, but HTML5 video tags. This should fix a crash with Adobe Flash 11.7 on Mac.
- Add support for querying Gnome Settings for proxy settings for embedded webpages.
- Fixed crash-on-startup on Mac that could occur with certain game controllers.

- Fix for Korean IME chat bug where two ENTER presses were required after entering Korean characters.

- Fix for store banners showing up in the TODAY tab when the FIND MATCH button is clicked.

- Lockless Luckbox: Replaced Lone Druid item 'Skull of Xahryx' (head slot) with 'Form of the Onyx Grove' (true form).

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