Product Update - Valve
Aug 5, 2013
Game & Code
• Added Wrecker prevention. This is mainly for upcoming features but also works in Track Test. Player car will be ghosted when it resets, when it drives the wrong way and similar scenarios.
• Renamed our executables to RRRE to help with issues some 3rd party programs were having. Unfortunately, your 3rd party program might also need an update to support the change.
• Fixed an issue with downloading own ghosts if local ghost file has been deleted.
• Fixed ghost trying to download and fail when starting a competition you already have an entry in.
• Fixed Expert Apex hunt completion screen skipping without any key press.
• Improved the logging functionality to provide us more information on certain errors (e.g. error code 2).
• Fixed smoke render making the car edges look pixelated on some systems.
• Fixed a DirectX particle related issue that could cause a crash on some systems.
• Fixed an issue where maintenance mode messaging wasn't handled graciously if the player was in the game when the maintenance mode was activated.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when entering a track after leaving another track.
• Fixed fast motion blur appearing corrupt on some occasion.
• Fixed complex motion blur not working in cockpit mode.
• Updated default controller profile for Thrustmaster F430 FFB. FFB Rumble and speed sensitive steering set to 0.
• Fixed a distance issue with tire mark generation.
• Alpina is now called BMW Alpina.
• Updated copyright info on executable details.
• Fixed an issue with sound manager in code that could cause a rare crash.
• Fixed some hud strings appearing unlocalized in replay.
• Fixed an issue when using an assigned clutch button, the values for clutch sensitivity and steering sensitivity would become synchronous.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when changing video settings on some systems.
• Improved overall environment shadows.
• Shadow split is now ON by default in medium preset in video settings.
• Fixed confirm button string in Spanish on buy popups.
• Optimized loading times.
• Fixed an issue with first replay file not getting a number and ending up showing in wrong order.
• Fixed a memory leak after game initialization.
• Prepared the build for future content releases.

• Implemented discount functionality.
• Fixed an issue where some users were getting “Server connection timeout” issues for a long time.
• Fixed an issue where position bar wasn't getting filled with other entries, when doing a class based LBC in novice mode.
• Fixed an issue where top banners in store page were sometimes not appearing correctly.
• Fixed an issue where player LB entry was not centered in the table.
• Fixed jump to my position not functioning correctly.
• Fixed an inconsistency between the LB position number in in-game position bar and LB entry in the LB table.
• Fixed gPos showing the same position as the filtered position when filtering a LB.
• Fixed an issue where you could get multiple entries of a car in a LB.
• Fixed an issue where LB entries of friends weren't showing in the bar above the LB table.
• Added a friendlier internal server error page.
• Added a user friendly page for users getting currency mismatch error.
• Added a user friendly error message for transaction failures.
• Fixed an issue where some users were having currency mismatch issues when trying to purchase VRP's.
• Added Discounted items page to the store. (Won't be visible until there are discounts)
• Added purchased items store page
• Added recent content store page and set it as main page in the store
• Added most popular content store page
• Added ability to see individual liveries in large screenshots when magnifying.
• Fixed functions like search and login not working on websites set as widget in dashboard.
• Added VRP currency change option.

• Tweaked Raceroom Hillclimb shadows
• Fixed minor issues on lamp posts, fixed structures and some trees not casting shadows in Monza.
• Adjusted/tweaked the particles for all cars for better ambient lighting.
• Improved collision shape for all cars.

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