Product Update - Valve
Jun 14, 2013
- Updated Puck's face
- Updated Brewmaster's face

- Axe: Fixed Berserker's Call bonus armor being dispellable
- Batrider: Fixed Flamebreak being a constant 300 knockback distance instead of a variable amount (10->400) based on the distance from the center of the blast
- Beastmaster: Fixed Turn Rate on Beastmaster's Hawk and Boar being slightly too low
- Bloodseeker: Fixed Bloodrage cast range (600->800)
- Brewmaster: Fixed Earth Primal Split Boulder manacost
- Chaos Knight: Fixed Reality Rift bonus damage sometimes proccing multiple times if you attack more than once in 1.2 seconds
- Drow: Fixed a rare bug with Trueshot Aura that could cause it to not give bonus damage
- Elder Titan: Fixed Ancestral Spirit legacy keys not working
- Jakiro: Fixed Liquid Fire damage interval happening every 1 second instead of every 0.5 seconds
- Juggernaut: Fixed some vision issues with Omnislash
- Huskar: Fixed Burning Spears counter logic getting forgotten when purged
- Invoker: Fixed Ice Wall not slowing units like Golems, Familiars, and Primal Split units
- Io: Fixed the initial Relocate not being interrupted if Io was only disable in the cast time but not when the teleportation happened
- Io: Fixed the initial Relocate not getting interrupted by Root debuffs (Ensnare, Overgrowth, etc)
- Io Fixed Relocate not revealing FoW for enemies
- Io: Fixed Relocate not showing the initial visual effect on the ground for enemies (only showed ping)
- Io: Fixed being able to return Tether Relocate with a different set of targeting rules than the initial direction (no longer allowed to return relocate a creep)
- Io: Fixed Overcharge missing a 2 second toggle cooldown
- Lifestealer: Fixed allied cast Infest killing the creeps and healing you
- Lone Druid: Fixed Battle Cry not having an aoe limit (should be 1000)
- Medusa: Fixed Mystic Snake not jumping to magic immune units
- Nature's Prophet: Fixed being able to use Teleporation while rooted
- Nyx Assassin: Fixed Spiked Carapace charge not getting used when hurt by an invulnerable source
- Razor: Fixed Unstable Current not purging off Repel
- Shadow Fiend: Fixed casting subsequent Shadowrazes being too slow
- Slark: Fixed Shadow Dance passive buff icon updating on hero proximity while dead
- Slark: Fixed Pounce sometimes causing an allied Flaming Lasso to end early.
- Spectre: Fixed Spectre Illusions benefiting from the damage reduction portion of Dispersion
- Tidehunter: Fixed Kraken Shell working while Doomed
- Timbersaw: Fixed Timberchain ending prematurely with Stone Gaze, Diffusal Blade, etc
- Treant Protector: Fixed Living Armor being castable on magic immune allies
- Undying: Fixed Zombie units losing HP with Soul Rip

- Fixed Truestrike causing you to be unable to miss against Towers
- Fixed Roshan missing the final 500 hp/10 dmg upgrade later in the game
- Fixed Backswing behavior with Rupture, Viscous Nasal Goo, Fissure, Decay and Earthshock
- Fixed truesight being unable to be applied to sleeping/invulnerable units
- Fixed Filler buildings having no armor
- Fixed Neutral's Frost Armor slow affecting magic immune enemies

- Added Quick Cast option to Game menu: causes all abilities to cast immediately upon keypress (with autocast key), targeting the cursor's current position
- Improved UI feedback and functionality when connection to the DOTA network is lost or has not yet been established.
- Client no longer waits for connection to the DOTA network before allowing access to the UI. Features that do not require this connection are accessible.
- You can now hold control when pinging to send a "caution" ping instead.
- Added Aegis reclaim and Roshan respawn timers to the spectator popups.

- Added Ownage sounds to Storm Spirit, Axe, Nature's Prophet, and Juggernaut Killing Spree announcers.
- Added distant tower destruction sounds.
- Added Mortal Strike sfx.
- Fixed sync on Freezing Field.

- Fixed bug allowing reports outside of matches in certain contexts
- Players receive an additional report submission if someone they report subsequently receives a communication ban

- Fixed an intermittent crash on some particle effects like medusa's ultimate

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