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23 maj, 2013
We've updated the new-user walkthroughs and added some additional currencies. We've also fixed a lot of bugs and made a number of improvements.

Full list of changes:


- Full Screen mode is now supported on Macs (for OS X Lion and above) On Mac Retina displays, text is now displayed in beautiful high resolution.
- Added Credit Card Payments Tutorial.
- Added Credit Card Basics Tutorial.
- Added Getting Started Tutorial.
- New Walkthrough/Tutorials design. The walkthroughs can now be launched on demand from the Help Menu.
- Added an option to skip an account when importing from multiple accounts in the one file. You can choose this from the account list dropdown.
- Hitting Enter now starts editing the selected transaction (F2 also begins editing).
- Added Income for given month search item (e.g. "Income: April 2013" in the register search bar) CSV imports now detect duplicates and match with other imported transactions.
- Added Sri Lankan Rupee Currency
- On the Mac, the app icon now supports retina displays.
- The icon used for YNAB documents is now different from the application icon.
- Added Ghanaian Cedi currency
- Added Nigerian Naira currency
- Added Haitian Gourde currency
- Added Mauritius Rupee currency
- Added CFP Franc currency
- Added Netherlands Antilles Guilder currency


- Removed some mentions of the word 'YNAB' in some of the main menu items.
- Payees added by the bank are removed if they aren't being used anymore.
- This will keep the payee list cleaner.
- On Macs, if an update is available or is being downloaded, the update window will be shown if you click on the YNAB icon in the dock.
- Previously it would remain hidden behind the main YNAB Window You now have to specifically choose which account type to use when creating a account. This prevents issues down the line when working with credit cards.
- Improved the way certain rare file errors are handled.
- Creating an adjustment transaction to a debt account will now create a pre-ynab debt category if necessary.
- Entering a starting balance transaction of 0 will still create a pre-ynab debt category for debt accounts. That way, if you later change the amount of the transaction manually, it's still categorized correctly.
- If a budget in Dropbox can't be loaded, a button is displayed that links to a support article explaining how to fix the error.
- Clicking on the empty search box expands it so you have more room to enter your search.
- Long payee and category name now truncate and show the full name on mouse-over when viewing the transaction list on the reports.
- Viewing income transactions from the budget screen now shows all relevant income transactions on the account view.
- Adding space before Ft in Hungarian Florint Crash reports can now be sent even if YNAB is not running in diagnostics mode.
- Changed Russian Ruble ISO code to RUB
- Filtering by date now disables the reconciled transaction filter, this means you will always see all transactions that meet the date filter and search criteria


- On a Mac, the application could crash if there was a secondary window open when the app restarted itself.
- Switching budgets will no longer cause the register to forget its column widths.
- The All Accounts view will no longer show the old categories for accounts that were on budget and then made off budget.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the loading screen to be shown forever if an error happened the first time it was attempting to create the budget.
- Fixed a bug that could cause YNAB to create an empty budget folder for a budget that was previously opened if the YNAB folder was moved out from under it.
- Transfer payees to deleted accounts are now deleted on startup. These could cause a crash when attempting a rename or combine to remove them from the payee settings screen We no longer allow WiFi sync if you don't have any accounts in your budget, preventing a rare crash.
- Saved report settings now recalculate the date range correctly when reopening YNAB.
- Clicking away from an empty search box no longer clears the date filter.
- Changes to income amounts now force a refresh in the Net Worth report.
- The Register now correctly remembers the column widths for accounts.
- When switching between higher and lower screen sizes, the widths of the columns are proportionally adjusted to maintain the size ratios between columns.
- On-budget transfers now force a refresh in the Net Worth report.
- Changing the account while editing a transaction on the All Accounts view now updates the payee dropdown options correctly.
- Viewing all transactions in the account view from a report now sets the date filter correctly Deleting transactions no longer resets the register sort.
- Approving transactions no longer resets the register sort.
- The approve selected transactions popup no longer cuts off the word 'transactions' when a large number of transactions are selected The selected transaction header checkbox now has the correct value no matter how the selection changes.
- Clearing a matched transaction now removes the imported payee if it is not used anywhere else.
- On the Mac, paths with spaces weren't browsed correctly. It would just drop you in the Documents folder instead Clicking on the error icon while editing a categorised transaction now allows you to remove the budget category as expected.
- Leaving the trial version of YNAB open for several days no longer prevents you continuing the trial without having to restart YNAB.
- The transaction list shown by clicking on the Total row in the Spend By Category report now filters out portions of split transactions that aren't included in the total.
- The Import button now works again after an import fails because there are no transactions or accounts to import.

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