Product Update - Valve
15 май 2013
Version 1.07 (May 14th)

A new update is now available for download. Here are the 1.0.7 patch notes:

— Added a button at the center of the quarter wheel in the city screen. When pressed, it’ll position the camera on general city view.

— A bug that caused essential for progressing provinces appear on shards with standard conditions.
— Archmage’s inability to use two spells in his first turn.
— ‘Parry’ and ‘Forced March’ skills weren’t working properly in the first turn.
— Game’s freeze after diplomatic capture of a province.
— Event spam after hiring gargoyles.
— Wrong color of information display when a province is 100% explored.
— ‘Unrest’ icon will no longer be shown on the map if inhabitant’s attitude to player’s reign is positive.
— An exploit involving an exchange between heroes and hiring units in besieged enemy capital’s garrison.
— A bug that allowed learning spells during enemy capital’s siege.
— A bug that allowed learning spells from scrolls if the Library isn't constructed.
— Health indicator display at 1 HP for dragon and hydra units.
— A bug that allowed summoning creatures from eggs and keeping the eggs at the same time.
— Ability to summon creatures from eggs outside the garrison.
— Icons of guards unavailable for hire weren’t displayed correctly.
— A bug that allowed constructing planned buildings at the start of a turn during enemy capital’s siege.
— Mistiming in multiplayer caused by use of summoning skills or spells.
— Found ritual scrolls, guard pacts and building blueprints now won’t be displayed if hero’s inventory is full.
— Player’s portrait incorrect display on the statistics screen during the tutorial.
— A bug that caused wrong camera positioning in the city screen when a building from Foreign Quarter was selected.
— A bug that caused recurring uprising in a captured province.
— Inability to place units in a hot-seat or multiplayer battle after starting and leaving the tutorial.
— Upgrades for units weren’t displaying on the strategic map after using auto-battle or ‘Illusionary Battle’ ritual.
— A bug that caused the game to freeze after an enemy slug used ‘Necrophagy’ skill.
— Battle continuation after victory based on morale is achieved.
— Game’s freeze caused by using ‘Double Shot’ skill and enemy unit dying by the first shot arrow.
— Missing screen for choosing the second specialization for a hero when he was leveled up exploring a province.
— Game’s freeze caused by fighting in two battles in a row with different armies with auto-battle set to ‘On’.
— Game’s freeze caused by fighting in a battle and refusing to fight in the next one with auto-battle set to ‘On’.
— A nearby province was highlighted as impassable when ‘Forced March’ skill was used.

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