Product Update - Valve
May 15, 2013
X3: Albion Prelude 3.0 - Shady Business is available as a FREE update to everybody who owns X3: Albion Prelude and includes support for LINUX as STEAMPLAY.

To celebrate the update X3: Albion Prelude, X3: Terran War Pack Bundle, X3: GoldBox, and the X Superbox will be 33% until May 22nd.

X3: Albion Prelude 3.0 - Shady Business brings three unique new plot lines and for the first time can be completely controlled with gamepads!

A plethora of new ships, new sectors, new gamestarts and new generic missions rounds of this big update to the X3 universe.

New Features and Improvements:

- New plots: Shady Business, Corporation Troubles, Breaking Grounds
- New generic mission: Repair Station, a service to repair damaged player stations (below 95% hull)
- New generic mission: Multiple Transport, to transport multiple passengers with different collection/delivery points
- New generic mission: Tour of a Lifetime, to take a group of tourists on a tour to various sectors to see the sights
- New generic mission: Escort Dual Convoy, to aid two convoys on different routes which need protecting
- Added controller support
- New ships: Lotan, Acinonyx, Pteranodon
- Changed the 'close to target' warning during the Follow Ship Mission from a popup message to a help text
- New special sector, including new soundtrack
- New special UFJD sector
- Unlockable Gamestarts: Aldran Adventurer, Lost Lar, Goner Witness
- Added ability for missions to enable/disable war behaviour
- More Terran factories available in shipyards


- Fixed Generic Patrol by removing extra 'missions accepted' increment statistic on acceptance
- Fixed Deliver Matching Ship increment statistic on acceptance for war mission
- Fixed Super Shipyard dock which caused M6 ships to collide while undocking
- Fixed Boron Equipment Dock orbiting objects being in the wrong position
- Fixed Argon Stock Exchange billboard which was located below some docking clamps
- Fixed messages sent to player in Transport Passenger Missions when there is insufficient cargo space or no Life Support
- Fixed Yaki Stock Exchange unlock requirements
- Fixed Escort Convoy Mission being offered by enemy race
- Fixed Escort Convoy Mission not ending if you attack an escort ship
- Fixed cleanup for the NPC contact in the Assassination Mission once the mission is finished
- Fixed issue of captured ships being destroyed by war manager
- Fixed bug with MD command
- Fixed loading of ware templates
- Fixed Ice miner Job so it no longer stays docked when it has nothing to mine
- Fixed default values for ship hue/saturation
- Added cleanup for escorts created for the Escort Convoy Mission
- Added checks to avoid Xenon Invasion Missions continuing when Xenon leave the sector
- Added checks during the Build Station Mission for when the Beacon is moved to avoid problems completing the mission
- Changed Tyr cargospace to 8800

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