Product Update - Valve
Apr 4, 2013
Stardock Entertainment is happy to announce the latest BETA update for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. The 0.75 build includes a new Warrior trait tree, an improved weapon upgrade system, bug fixes, balance adjustments, massive AI improvements and more.


New Warrior trait tree

Removed Axeman 3
Removed Bruiser 3
Removed Lethal 4
Removed Lethal 5
Removed Swordsman 3
Pack Tactics can now be learned as a warrior ability
Added the Parry warrior skill (grants an additional counterattack with any weapon)
Added the Reckless warrior skill (increases attack, lowers defense)
Added the Blade Rush warrior ability (charge through a line of up to 3 enemies, damaging them all)
Added the Decimate warrior ability (attack that does additional damage for every member of the enemy group)
Uncontrolled Rage can now be learned as a warrior ability
Added the Expert Spearman warrior ability (+25% Attack when Impaling)
Added the Master Spearman warrior ability (+50% Attack when Impaling)

MaxTotalTileYield can now be set in ElementalDefs.xml (for modders)

New system for weapon upgrades where we can define types (so axemen always upgrade with axes, swordsmen with blades, etc).

Axes are now 2 handed (to remain consistent and support axe upgrades at all tiers)
Short Sword moved to Blacksmithing
Pike moved to War Colleges
Removed the Greatswords
Added the Great Axe (so there is a late game axe, all the trained blades are now 1 handed and upgrade to the longsword and Boreal Blade)
All Mauls are now 1 handed and have their damage reduced (the Gilden Sledge damage is reduced only slightly

Added the Pendulum Axe (late game axe that does bonus cleave damage)


Fixed a hang when you open up the army screen on units that aren't yours

Fixed an issue displaying the unit path if you have a subunit selected

Fixed an issue that could cause champions not to get placed if there isnt an empty tile around your sovereign

40% less Ogre Crotch (we are getting close to 0 Ogre Crotch)

Fixed an issue keeping Raza the Wild from animating when he was using a magic staff

Fixed an issue where Apiary's weren't giving their unrest bonus

Fixed an issue where Ancient temples weren't giving their research bonus

Fixed a bug that could cause units to point the wrong way at the start of a tactical battle

Fixed the Curse spell

Fixed an issue making Trainer 4 upgrade from Trainer 2

Fixed the Heart of the Glacier's Blizzard ability

Fixed a hang in tactical combat with high move units on small maps

Fixed crashes


Removed the cast time from the Demonic Ally spell

Maul reduces accuracy by 15% per attack, instead of by 15 points

All tactical summons that effect surrounding enemies can now be cast anywhere (instead of just beside enemies)

Holhiarn Pike does bonus Impale damage instead of giving an accuracy bonus

Decreased starting point min distance from 12 to 10

Decreased min distance between improvements from 4 to 2

Now when you get a shield from a goodie hut it won't allow you to equip it form the item popup if you have a 2 handed weapon equipped (since it would leave you without a weapon)

Switched the Braided Belt from Blacksmithing to Armor

Attacks on prone units always hit

Prone units show their counterattack hit chance as 0%

Yithril's Great Axes faction ability (renamed to Axe Mastery) gives them dual wield versions of all the axes. They cost more to produce and buy but they have higher attack and init.


Overhaul of AI for use with Legendary Heroes

AI more flexible with its tax rate

AI does a better job of choosing its technologies based on world conditions

AI's focus on defending cities varies based on which player it is playing as

Fixed stupid bug that negated all the intelligence behind city upgrading (the order of the items in the vector is was choosing from got randomized by the function that gathered them resulting in random choices). This alone makes a huge improvement.

AI much better about choosing units to train (you should see a lot more mounted units)

AI now bases its economic / miltiary trade offs more based on what player it is playing as

AI bases whether to train pioneers versus letting a city upgrade to the next level on what player it is playing as

AI places more value on the perks a unit design has when deciding what unit to train

AI much better at differentiating the stats of a unit when picking what design to use based on what type a unit it is (i.e. archers / vs. melee, etc.)

AI unit design algorithm updated based on the tactical battle setups in LH

AI unit design algorithm now takes into consideration the personality of its sovereign

AI uses strategic spells more often (still not often enough, working on this)

Fixed AI bug where an AI player could bribe another AI player to declare war on a third player without taking non-aggression pacts into account

Fixed AI bug that made it hard for AI players to ever go to peace with one another

AI monsters more intelligent in tactical battles (no more webbing ranged units)


Consolidated places where armor pieces are shown in the UI to just show one piece that represents the whole set (you can still design with specific pieces in the unit design window)

Switched the order of the appearance tabs in the create sovereign window to the order most players go through

New water, reflective, partially transparent, instant water! (just add water)

The city HUD now shows how many turns are left in constructing/training

The tile info window now shows the owner of owned terrain

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