Euro Fishing: Urban Edition

Euro Fishing: Urban Edition 구매

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This Euro Fishing: Urban Edition includes not just Euro Fishing and its five unique and stunning European venues but also the first city-based Add-On – Foundry Dock.
By purchasing this Urban Edition you will get

  • 6 stunning venues
  • 100+ boss fish to target
  • 25 unique achievements to unlock
  • 18 different character personalisation options
  • 100+ different pieces of equipment to purchase: Including equipment from Korda, Mainline and Sonik
  • Single player or hosted multiplayer tournaments, tracking and comparing catches in real time against friends and opponents

Whether you’re a fishing beginner or angling pro, the Euro Fishing Urban Edition accurately and authentically replicates the feeling of actual fishing, using our unique physics-based casting and reeling system. Get out and fish!

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Euro Fishing: Foundry Dock
Euro Fishing
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Euro Fishing: Urban Edition 구매