Project Winter — многопользовательская игра для 8 игроков, основанная на социальной маскировке и выживании. Чтобы спастись, выжившим необходимо общаться и работать в команде. Собирайте ресурсы, ремонтируйте постройки и покоряйте дикую природу плечом к плечу.
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Очень положительные (504) - 91% из 504 обзоров пользователей за последние 30 дней положительные.
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Очень положительные (913) - 84% из 913 обзоров положительные.
Дата выхода:
23 мая. 2019

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18 июля

Project Winter Update: Let's Role Play

Project Winter v1.1.9248 Feature Set - Let’s Role Play! (BUILD v1.1.9248_Prod)

Welcome to Project Winter 1.1! We have an exciting update this month, which will include new player roles for both the survivors and traitors. These new roles will give the players special abilities unique to their role, such as healing other players or crafting certain items for a lower price. This update also includes animated emotes, a craftable backpack to increase the player’s inventory size, and a number of polish improvements such as a new hydro power station. Checkout the build notes to see all of the new content and fixes!


  • Expanded Player Roles Game Mode: A new gamemode is being introduced that will include expanded player roles for both the survivor and traitor classes. Each role will include a special ability that can be charged by achieving certain tasks in-game, such as opening crates and helping fix the objective.
    • Players now have the ability to choose between a classic game mode (Traitors and Survivors only) and Expanded Roles game mode.
    • Expanded Roles mode is now the DEFAULT game mode. In this mode, the players spawn into the game with a small chance of being one of four new roles.
    • Medic (Survivors): Able to craft medkits with only two herbs, and can heal other players once their ability is charged. This role has a 20% damage reduction against other players.
    • Defector (Survivors): A survivor with the ability to open a traitor crate or airdrop once their ability bar is charged.
    • Stitcher (Traitors): Able to craft medkits with only two herbs, and can heal other players once their ability is charged. The stitcher does not suffer a damage reduction like the medic.
    • Saboteur (Traitors): Energy drinks will reward traitor credits instead of increasing stats. Unlocks an ability to craft landmines with traitor credits.
    • A new clipboard with descriptions for all the new roles has been placed on the south facing table inside the cabin.
    • Hovering over your ability charge icon will pop up a short description of your ability.
    • When creating a new lobby, players have the ability to click a box to enable Classic mode if they do not want to play games with expanded roles.
    • When browsing available lobbies, players can differentiate which game mode the lobby is in by looking for the “Classic” mode icon on the far left of the lobby’s info row.
  • New Global Event: Loot crate storm! A roar of a low flying plane, thunderous crashes... you know that one of those crates might contains gear, food, and survival. But there’s a catch… check out the event in game to find out what it is!
    • New randomized global event added to the mix.
    • Find the crate with all the loot in the allotted amount of time.
  • Additional Inventory Slot: Craft a fifth inventory slot from in-game resources to carry all those hearts you’re collecting! (Recipe available from the crafting table menu)
  • New Emote Animations: Characters now animate when emotes are triggered! Two brand new emotes have also been added, a pointing emote and a beckoning emote, which increases the total amount of emotes to 8.
  • New Power Station Variation: The power station has received a makeover! The hydro station will serve the same function as the power station, but with a new aesthetic. Each game will randomize between the previous power station and the new hydro station.
  • New Falling States: When falling from a certain height, the player will now play a falling animation. For shorter falls you will be able to move immediately upon hitting the ground, for higher falls you will be briefly immobilized while a landing animation plays.
  • Better Traitor Picking: The weighting system is now based on the amount of consecutive times a player has been a survivor.
  • Discord Rich Presence: See which of your friends are playing Project Winter from their discord profile. You’ll be able to see if they’re in-game, how many players are in their match, and what their reputation badge is!
  • Outfit Randomizer: When selecting an outfit for your character you can now select the option to randomize what your character wears.
  • Slope Speed Slow Down: Players now move slower when going uphill.
  • New Cosmetic Crate Items: 50 new in-game crate items to unlock!
  • Lobby Search Filter: Find specific lobbies easier by using the new search filter in the lobby browser.


  • Medkit crafting recipe has increased to 4 herbs instead of 3 herbs
  • Mass hysteria event duration has been reduced by 30%
  • Being reported now has a bigger impact on your social rating
  • The power station and truth serum lab now have a greater minimum distance for placement to prevent them from appearing directly beside each other
  • Poisoned crossbow now applies a more potent poison effect which will cause vomiting faster


  • Animals now drop a fur pelt item in addition to meat
  • Adjustments to the text wrapping for various UI elements so they look better in other languages
  • Player report menu is now accessible from the game over screen again
  • Various graphical optimizations to improve performance
  • Players not joining a rematch will no longer be kicked out of the game over screen when the rematch timer expires
  • Added an indicator for the cabin safe zone to the UI
  • Added VOIP status, reconnect button and monitoring button in the settings menu to help with troubleshooting voice issues
  • Cooldown for ghost teleport is now a circle timer instead of a text timer
  • Various visual improvements for the in-game text chat
  • Location indicators that appear around the edge of the screen are now fixed to the main outdoor camera and won’t reposition for alternate camera angles
  • Campfires no longer lock when targeted, and can now be refueled if other players are targeting them already
  • Improvements to ranged weapon aiming visuals
  • Updated Vivox libraries to the latest version
  • Event items can now be recycled for 200 survivor points each


  • Fixed several UI text elements that weren’t localized
  • Fixed player names with non-English characters appearing invisible in the lower left proximity chat indicators
  • Fixed certain Japanese hiragana and katakana characters appearing as squares
  • Fixed various issues on the maps where players could get stuck or visuals weren’t correct
  • Fixed case where fewer animals than expected could spawn for the animal wave console
  • Fixed several rare cases where the player could become broken and unable to use items after switching items while aiming a gun or aiming a thrown item
  • Fixed one instance of the fulton spawning inside an ice wall
  • Fixed blizzard visuals resetting when switching in and out of the cabin map camera during a blizzard
  • Fixed a case where lobby names were being considered invalid while containing no profanity
  • Fixed gloves for mountie jacket being stuck as black
  • Fixed crate announcement reward giving only the first crate and not properly setting the badges
  • Fixed region name being cleared when entering the settings screen while the lobby browser is opened and “best region” is selected
  • Fixed case where escape vehicle sounds could continue to play after object was destroyed
  • Fixed camera getting stuck when taking an escape pod near a yellow flag
  • Fixed cases where camera could get stuck when entering and exiting bunkers
  • Fixed case where player could get stuck on closed helipad by jumping off the plane’s wing
  • Fixed positioning of wires from lab console to prevent the player from getting stuck on them
  • Fixed certain escape pod drop locations being very near the truth serum lab
  • Fixed case where players could be left on black screen during load if host disconnects
  • Fixed animals losing aggression when targeted player enters small hot springs
  • Fixed case where player could get stuck behind crates in a geo bunker
  • Fixed player scores briefly appearing as 0 on the game over screen results tab when other players select the stats tab
  • Fixed case where players could place fires underwater
  • Fixed issue where traitors leaving early would receive points for survivors stopped when the survivors were still alive
  • Fixed bonus objective for being exiled twice incrementing when other players get exiled
  • Fixed “Home Run” achievement unlocking by throwing an item at a dead animal
  • Fixed case where item icon could get stuck on UI and break a ghost ability if an item was being dragged when the player died
  • Fixed flickering blood particle effects in some cases when equipping the raw animal or human meat items

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27 июня

FreedomFest Event!

Welcome survivors to the new event: FreedomFest. Celebrating a joint event between Canada Day (we’re Canadian eh?) as well as our neighbours down south’s own Independence Day. We have a number of new items, a new crate as well as a new progression tree added into the game. These items are only available for a limited time so make sure you get them before it is too late!

Along with this, we have refreshed our cosmetic store. This is a special store refresh for us as we have teamed up with the College of the North Atlantic’s very talented Video Game Art & Design students who have created all the cosmetics for this month. Items were created as a capstone project by students Julia Cumby and Grace Blagdon, supervised by instructor Janice Hertel. The program offers an artistic approach to game development. More info:

All proceeds from these items will go to support Young Adult Cancer Canada. YACC is the national cancer organization providing resources for young adults looking for inspiration, information and support. Please visit for more info.

Now on with the patch notes! 1.0.8903

New Event: Freedomfest 2019!
  • New progression tree to unlock exclusive items
  • New limited time crate to purchase with Survivor Points
  • Event will begin about an hour after this update goes live.

Balancing Changes
  • Berries now respawn slower
  • Animal Wave Objective AI is now tougher and waves have a better difficulty curve depending on number of players
  • Time it takes to repair objective is now increased on Animal Wave Objective

Lobby Improvements
  • Passwords will carry over when you “rematch”
  • Users can lock/unlock the lobby while in the lobby

Misc improvements
  • Reporting removed from the Summary screen. Players can still report people via ESC>Players menu. This is to help mitigate salty players reporting people for no reason
  • Social Point “degradation” slowed down.

Bug Fixes
  • Animals should not spawn within the cabin anymore
  • “User that swapped clothes would retain the swapped name after becoming a ghost” Fixed!
  • “Escapes counting towards deaths” Fixed!
  • “Players getting stuck when loading into the game” Fixed!
  • Fixed issue where player had unlimited number of downvotes by exiting and restarting the game.
  • Fixed player names with certain characters appearing invisible in the lower left of the results screen
  • Player voice indicators will now revert to their original name when a player dies or escapes after swapping outfits
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“In my opinion, it is one of the finest survival games out on the market. It has all the elements of a classic survival game, plus the survivor-traitor deception which adds a twist to the experience.”
The Indie Toaster

“Project Winter has solid gameplay and a beautiful art style.”
8/10 – Digital Chumps

“If you want a well-crafted game that has an amazing community, this is the one for you.”
Culture of Gaming

Об этой игре

Предавайте друзей в многопользовательской игре для 8 игроков, посвящённой социальной маскировке и выживанию.

Чтобы спастись, выжившим необходимо общаться и работать в команде. Собирайте ресурсы, ремонтируйте постройки и покоряйте дикую природу плечом к плечу. Но будьте осторожны! Среди вас есть предатели, будут становиться всё сильнее по ходу игры. Ими движет лишь одна цель — любой ценой помешать выжившим спастись.


Доживите до спасения
Вы — выживший, оказавшийся среди незнакомцев. Вам придётся собирать ресурсы, бороться со стихией и выполнять различные задания — всё ради того, чтобы вызвать спасательный транспорт.

Тайные роли
Среди выживших скрываются неизвестные предатели. Предатели знают роли друг друга, а выжившие не знают, кто именно из них — предатель. Цель предателей — помешать выжившим спастись, но так, чтобы их не раскрыли и не убили.

Командная работа
Выжившие не смогут спастись, если не будут работать сообща. Игрокам, отбившимся от команды, будет трудно выжить. Они могут погибнуть в лесу или стать лёгкой добычей для предателей.

С другими игроками можно общаться разными способами: со всеми находящимися рядом при помощи голосового чата или с каждым в отдельности при помощи приватных радио-каналов. Также можно использовать текстовый чат и эмоции. Если выжившие не будут общаться друг с другом, они не смогут выполнить свои задачи и защититься от предателей.

Обман и предательство
Предатели в меньшинстве, и в начале игры они слабы. Они могут внедриться в ряды выживших и втереться к ним в доверие, накапливая тем временем силы. Выжившие никому не могут довериться на сто процентов, и предатели могут воспользоваться этим, настраивая выживших друг против друга.

Описание контента для взрослых

Разработчики описывают контент так:

Cartoon Violence
Cartoon Blood

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows 7
    • Процессор: AMD FX-6300 / 3rd or 4th gen i3
    • Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: GTX 660 Ti / HD 7870
    • Сеть: Широкополосное подключение к интернету
    • Место на диске: 3 GB
    • ОС: Windows 10
    • Процессор: i5 6600 +
    • Оперативная память: 8 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: GTX 970
    • Сеть: Широкополосное подключение к интернету
    • Место на диске: 3 GB

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