Fight, sneak, and hack your way through randomly generated cities. It's like Nuclear Throne meets Deus Ex, mixed with the anarchy of GTA. Rogue-lite meets immersive sim, and goes completely insane.
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Very Positive (190) - 92% of the 190 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
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Overwhelmingly Positive (4,764) - 95% of the 4,764 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date:
Jul 12, 2019

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August 21

Version 83 - Bunch of New Items!

This update includes a number of new items (as the title would suggest), lots of bug fixes, and some new features that players have been requesting for a long time. I’ll let the patch notes speak for themselves, cuz there’s a lot of them.

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums.

Be sure to post your thoughts on the new stuff, I am listening!

See ya soon!

Version 83
New Features
  • Configuration saves for Mutators, Rewards and Traits - Save and load configurations of inactive rewards.and traits, as well as active mutators, so that you won’t have to set them up every time you re-enter the game.
  • Added option to reduce screenshake, as opposed to just turning it off
  • Profanity filter for online games can be turned on or off in settings

New Mutators
  • Speedrun Mode (Standardized) - Works the same as before, but all traits and items are unlocked, and are all set to be active. Here's the catch: If you take more than 4 minutes to complete a level, you die.

New Items
  • Revolver - Fires quick and powerful bullets, but has a hefty cooldown time.
  • Monkey Barrel - Technically a barrel full of diminutive and very angry gorillas. It'll take them a few seconds to break free.
  • Ammo Stock - Increases the number of rounds that can be stored in a gun.
  • Rate of Fire Mod - A gun trigger with racing stripes on it. Yeah. Shoot more rounds in a short amount of time.
  • Body Swapper - Target a non-prisoner to swap places with them... In the "position" sense, not the "Freaky Friday" sense.
  • Explodevice - Causes all nearby electronics and explosives to blow up.
  • Fireworks - These fireworks are illegal, primarily because it's literally a box full of rockets.
  • Walkie Talkie - Call nearby Cops to take down a specific criminal. Or person you don't like. Or person you do like. Who cares?
  • Memory Mutilator - Reverts people's relationships to you and each other to whatever they were at the beginning of the floor.
  • Warp Grenade - Anyone on the receiving end of this grenade will be warped to a random spot, yourself included.
  • Blood Bag - Drink this for health if you have Jugularious. Otherwise, see a Doctor.
  • Antidote - Cures negative status effects, and prevents new ones from taking effect.
  • Boo-Urn - These "rescue" ghosts need a new forever home! Use this indoors to scare away the building's inhabitants for good.

  • Fix for NPCs not always switching from "dancing" to "dead" or "knocked out" state properly when they die off-screen
  • Fix for player appearing incorrectly if they return to home base after ending the game while possessing someone as a custom character
  • Fix for player shadow disappearing if you jump out of water while invisible
  • Fix for water cannon and other items-in-hand changing color in character select when skin color is changed
  • Fix for fading issues on ultrawide resolutions
  • Fix for cases where NPCs could appear flashing red after resurrecting
  • Potential fix for cases where NPCs appear to be sitting when there is no chair

UI / Controls
  • Added profanity filtering to the multiplayer Join screen
  • Multiplayer chatlog remains on the screen at all times during character select
  • Player cannot change gamepad controls during the game in coop modes, as this could cause issues
  • If the player is next to an object and they move the mouse off it, the object will not become de-highlighted
  • Daily Run date changed to international standard format
  • Fail-safes added to prevent cases where camera could become black
  • Fix for occasional issues doing things like hacking in coop mode as player 2 when player 1 is using keyboard and mouse
  • Fail-safe for rare cases when notification message could appear onscreen before the Level Start message and cause a freeze
  • Fix for cases where quick-teleport wouldn't work properly on multiplayer client
  • Better timer positioning when timed events take place at the same time as the speedrun counter is in place
  • Fix for player sometimes being able to point the cursor over nonexistent objects on character select screen
  • Potential fix for issue with player sometimes teleporting onto bear traps
  • Fix for Hacker having their target open in the home base if it was open when the game was completed
  • Fix for toolbar numbers disappearing when the player is dragging an inventory item

Playfield Objects
  • Fix for places where player could get option to knock on red doors despite them being inside a building
  • Potential fix for refrigerator sometimes passing through objects
  • Fix for multiplayer client being able to activate High Volume repeatedly on Television
  • Fix for Crusher sometimes not being destroyed when the wall it was attached to is destroyed
  • Fix for cases where huge explosions could miss certain objects
  • Fix for hacker continuing to interact with objects after they have been picked up by Wrestler

  • Vampire starts with 2 Blood Bags
  • Player cannot place more than 10 Time Bombs at once
  • Fix for projectile weapons in scrollbar weapons list not having a proper consistent hierarchy
  • Player will always prioritize picking up a quest item over other items if it would result in the immediate completion of a quest
  • Cube of Lampey drops money at slightly higher values, and sells at $4 base price per charge instead of $5
  • Status text appears when the player runs out of Cube of Lampey
  • Ghost Gibber is twice as effective against living NPCs

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for Diminutive not causing the player to do less melee damage, as specified in its description
  • Fix for context menu on Arcade Machine not remaining open after player with Cyber Nuke hacks it and chooses Increase Volume
  • Fail-safe for rare cases where NPCs would appear to be getting bitten after the player finished biting them
  • Extra preventative measure for cases of player being teleported onto Bear Traps
  • Fix for Possess not working with some types of custom characters in online multiplayer mode
  • Bartender cannot offer drinks to NPCs with Jugularious (namely Vampires)
  • Fix for Art of the Deal not always working properly when interacting with counters on multiplayer client
  • Fix for NPCs getting angry at the player for hitting their owned items when the player has "Promise I'll Return It!"
  • Being electrocuted removes Withdrawal
  • Fix for certain traits appearing in the home base traits menu for certain players despite having been removed from the game
  • Fail-safes for infinite Werewolf as online multiplayer client
  • Fix for Zombie not facing correct direction if player uses the right analog stick to aim their spit
  • Class Solidarity and No In-Fighting now protect your followers from touch-based attacks

  • Fix for cases where Explosions would do no damage

  • Fix for issues stemming from Butler Bot cleaning up bodies of non-War Zone NPCs

Big Quests
  • Zombie is no longer required to complete Big Quest during War Zone disaster
  • Cannibal is no longer required to complete Big Quest during Zombies disaster

  • Fix for Disasters potentially starting while the player is on the Missions screen
  • Fail-safes for rare cases where NPCs are not "cleaned up" properly during War Zone
  • Bounty disasters have more bounty hunters
  • Fix for cases where too many Butler Bots could spawn during War Zone

  • Assassination Nation assassins are considered Guilty
  • Fix for object info UI going a bit haywire on multiplayer client during Rogue Vision
  • Fix for Mine Cart and Train sometimes not being invisible during Rogue Vision
  • Upper-Crusters will still use Alarm Buttons during No Cowards mutator
  • All NPCs are considered Guilty during Everyone Hates You

Level Generation
  • Fix for cases where party members spawning at the beginning of levels could prevent certain other NPCs from spawning, and take their appearance in the process

Artificial Intelligence
  • The player's party members will not get scared out of buildings by fire
  • NPCs are less likely to become hostile toward other NPCs in their own party if they accidentally hit each other
  • Fix for NPC Gorillas telling the player Gorilla that they are "unpleasant" if the player requests that they join their party when the party is full
  • NPCs wandering in gangs react more appropriately when challenged to a fight by the Wrestler
  • Fail-safe for instances NPCs could retain properties of having fallen into a hole despite appearing to be alive, running in place, and hitting the player
  • Fix for War Zone NPCs disappearing after teleporting
  • If you start Arresting, Biting or Enslaving an aligned person and cancel partway through, that person will become hostile
  • Better AI reaction when prisoners are freed during a Radiation Blasts level
  • Fix for NPCs coming after player during Bounty disaster even after the player has Hypnotized them
  • Fix for NPCs getting annoyed at people who Bite, Chloroform or Cannibalize while Invisible
  • Prisoners will not get annoyed at the player Biting, Chloroforming or Cannibalizing
  • NPCs will not get annoyed at people who Bite, Chloroform or Cannibalize an NPC who Cops would not take issue with you killing, such as a Cannibal who popped out of a Manhole
  • Potential fix for issue where "rescue" followers could stop following the player

  • Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French now use the same font that is used for English
  • Consistent fonts when displaying Polish characters
  • “Damage Other Players” now reads “Damage Other Players (Friendly Fire)”
  • Fix for Werewolf not having any interaction dialogue, which could sometimes result in errors
  • Clarified the description text of Vicious Chameleon

  • Removed “Get to the Exit” timer, which I believe has outlived its usefulness. Let me know if this causes unforeseen problems.
  • Fix for cases where game could get stuck at the end of a level if a person left while other players were in the elevator
  • Attempted fix for multiplayer client not completely disconnecting when leaving games
  • Safeguards for cases where ghost player could not be interacted with
  • Fix for cases where clones of the custom-character player might not appear graphically correct or might be missing their name when traversing multiple floors
  • Fail-safe for cases where player could not move after becoming ghost or being revived

Version 83b
  • Fix for items not always dropping when they were supposed to, which could result in other errors
  • Fixed a number of pieces of missing/incorrect text
  • Fix for NPCs not being freed from prison properly if the Warp Grenade is used on them
  • Rate of Fire Mod and Ammo Stock cannot be used with Taser
  • Fix for "secret werewolves" being in Home Base if the player is using the Many Werewolves mutator
  • Thief NPC may have Body Swapper in his "shop" inventory
  • Walkie Talkie cannot be used to kill the Mayor
  • Fix for Perfumorous not triggering properly after Memory Eraser is used
  • Memory Eraser does not affect NPCs in the player's party
  • Fix for Shapeshifter not being hostile toward the player after Memory Eraser was used
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July 22

Post-Launch Update & New Patch!

Hey all, thanks for a kickass launch! Response to the game has been almost universally positive, just really great vibes all around. It’s been a hectic-but-fun week and a half as I’ve been scrambling to track feedback, fix bugs, do interviews and promotion, respond to emails, and occasionally, eat and sleep.

For the game’s early access period, I released new builds every two weeks. Post-launch, I’ll be releasing builds on a much less predictable basis (case in point, this one!). This particular build was meant to address some of the more immediate launch issues. I’m not exactly sure when the next build will be released, but it’ll probably be at least a few weeks if I can actually force myself to take the short break I’ve been planning :p

For anyone playing the game on consoles, this version will be the basis for the next console patch. In addition to what’s listed here, there will be some console-specific fixes, like a fix for Joy-Con drifting on the Switch version, as well as some larger font sizes.

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums.

Version 82
  • Certain objects do not cause screenshake when destroyed by Giant, such as the Bush
  • Fix for red “werewolf lighting” remaining in coop modes if the player transforms back to human form while his NPC followers are still werewolves

UI / Controls
  • Resized and repositioned interface elements on single-player character select screen
  • Tooltip is slightly larger, and text within is slightly bigger
  • Changed toolbar arrow image to be consistent across platforms
  • Text at bottom of Character Creation says "Create Character" instead of "Edit Character" when character slot is empty
  • Version number appears smaller on the screen
  • Added “Loading…” text to current message when switching between single-player and coop mode from home base
  • Loading text appears when entering Character Select and Home Base from main menu
  • Fix for missions screen related soft-locks during local coop mode
  • Fix for quest markers remaining over NPCs if they die after the game has ended
  • Fix for Game Over not occurring properly if Ghost is over Manhole when they explode
  • Fix for player not being able to teleport to starting elevator in Mayor Village with Teleport-Happy
  • Fix for analog stick menu movement being too sensitive on the vertical axis

Playfield Objects
  • Bush shaking is slightly more visible
  • Fix for multiplayer client hacking Police Box not working properly
  • Fix for multiplayer client being able to broadcast from Satellite multiple times
  • Fix for doors transforming from "No Entry" to "Normal" if player places a Detonator on them and disables it
  • Fix for player not always tripping lasers when lunging through them

  • Fix for Shopkeeper being able to offer Mobsters their Portable Sell-O-Matic
  • Fix for Cardboard Box appearing to remain on players between levels in online multiplayer mode
  • Unlocking Rocket Launcher is no longer a prerequisite for unlocking Fire Extinguisher
  • Player can no longer attempt to remove the Slave Helmet from a Slave if he was interacting with the Slave when the Slave becomes free
  • Fix for various issues with player using Primal Lunge while holding a gun
  • Fix for Loadout items sometimes appearing twice in list

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities
  • Fix for “E_InvisiblePermanent” appearing during Assassination Nation mutator
  • Fix for Zombies not appearing Friendly to player Zombie during the Zombie mutator
  • Homesickness Killer will not appear as an end-of-level trait if the player has Enslave
  • Fix for weird stuff happening after Wrestler becomes Giant while holding an object
  • People will stop biting or cannibalizing when they are bitten, they trip, or they jump
  • Fix for custom characters with Addict triggering Withdrawal in Home Base
  • Fix for Shapeshifter retaining Super Special status effects of Investment Banker’s Feelin’ Good after depossessing

  • Potential fix for rare cases of being able to hit people after they had fallen into a hole
  • Fix for tranquilizer darts and zombie spit causing knockback when shot from multiplayer client

  • Fix for cases where player was assigned to neutralize a Zombie

  • Added 1.0 mutators to the pool of potential mutators for Random Mutators
  • Fix for Assassination Nation unlocking when the player died as an Assassin
  • Added clarification to Continue mutator description that it starts after Floor 1
  • Fix for orange arrows sometimes appearing above Werewolves' heads during the Many Werewolves mutator even if the player is not a Vampire
  • Fix for Arsonist and Werewolf not appearing in levels when using Ape Town mutator

Level Generation
  • Cannibals will not spawn in bushes during Radiation Blast levels

Artificial Intelligence
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes technically facing angles other than south when dancing, despite appearing to face south
  • Fix for cases where player could offer beer or whiskey to bouncers when they had no more left in their inventory
  • Fix for Door Detonators sometimes causing non-prisoner NPCs to act like they were just freed from prison
  • Fix for multiplayer client being able to influence electability with mobsters multiple times

  • Fix for translations of "Damage Other Players" description
  • Fix for translations of Reward instructions in Home Base
  • Fix for some Bouncer text in certain languages telling the player they should go into the arena despite there being no arena

  • Fix for rare cases where player was able to knock Bouncer through a wall
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“Very varied missions, a very remarkable sense of humor and a multitude of controllable characters”
8/10 – Vandal

“If you want a tiny, varied Deus Ex that will make you laugh, this is i”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“If you want to be a werewolf, or a scientist, or a bartender, then this is the game for you.”
8/10 – NintendoLife

About This Game

Streets of Rogue is a rogue-lite about player choice, freedom, and anarchic fun. The game takes inspiration from fast-paced top-down rogue-lites like Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, and adds free-form, experimentation-driven, emergent gameplay elements of RPGs like Deus Ex.

Rather than taking place in a dungeon, the game is set in a functioning, procedurally generated city, where complex AI informs denizens from all walks of life, who are just trying to get by in their daily activities.

In order to progress, the player will need to accomplish specific mission goals in any way they see fit through use of their special character traits, items, and the environment.

  • Will you play as a soldier who shoots first and asks questions later?
  • A stealthy doctor who uses chloroform and tranquilizer darts to silently take down the opposition?
  • A genial bartender who can talk his way past the most intimidating of guards?
  • Or how about a hyper-intelligent gorilla, rescuing other caged gorillas to form a small mobilized gorilla army?

The Mighty Feature-List

  • Play the game YOUR way! Don’t want to kill anybody? That’s cool! Want to hack computers? Got ya covered!
  • Random world generation and TOTALLY EXTREME gameplay variety means you can play for 600 hours and not get bored! Seriously though, go outside!!!
  • Super-advanced artificial intelligence that won’t put up with your crap! Outsmart these virtual humans and feel superior to your computer!
  • Play as over 20 (and growing!) wildly different types of characters! Bartender, scientist, hacker, gorilla — hey, your job is probably in there too!
  • Stupidly huge variety of items! Shrink rays, hypnotizing devices, boomboxes, bear traps, food processors.. Oh, and guns too.
  • 4-Player online and local cooperative modes lets you brutalize goons AND loneliness!
  • Lead a gang, free slaves, drink beer, gib ghosts, become a vampire, shrink people and stomp on them. The most insanely varied game ever made.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7 or Later
    • Processor: Dual-Core Intel or AMD processor
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities
    • Storage: 320 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.9+
    • Processor: Intel Dual-Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities
    • Storage: 340 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04+
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities
    • Storage: 350 MB available space

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