This massive online sandbox RPG features elements of magic, spellcasting, building, exploring and crafting. As a newly minted apprentice of the magic arts, you will set off to the dangerous world of Ignus. Tame mighty beasts, forge alliances, explore uncharted territories or fight for dominance!
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Release Date:
Jul 26, 2017

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“Have you ever dreamed of wielding untold magical powers? Have you caught yourself fantasizing about battling legendary monsters and plundering mysterious, treasure-filled caves? Does the idea of taming dragons and using them to rain fiery death upon your enemies, human or otherwise, make you giggle with delight? For us, all of the above is true – this is why we set upon creating Citadel!

Our primary goal with Citadel is to craft a massive, ambitious fantasy sandbox game in partnership with you, the community. Having a clear line of communication with our players is a top priority, and we plan to use Early Access as an opportunity to build and maintain a relationship of transparency and collaboration. Your feedback will be used to influence the implementation of everything from new gameplay features and content to refining and re-balancing existing mechanics.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We anticipate the Early Access process lasting between 18-24 months, with a full launch planned for early 2019.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“We’ll be using the Early Access period to rapidly update the game with new content, bug fixes and stability improvements so that we are fully prepared for our full launch in the future. We already have a laundry list of planned content, but our number one source of new ideas will be the community. Simply put, we want to make the game you want us to make.

New content to look forward to following our Early Access launch:

  • A unique in-game feedback system to allow faster implementation of community requested features
  • Many more staves, wands, gauntlets and melee weapons to equip and fight with
  • Tons of new creatures like living-tree Forest Guardians, deadly Cultists and many more
  • More spells including summoning creatures and companion possession
  • More potions and trinkets with a variety of new bonuses for you to loot and craft
  • Increased selection of clothing and armor to provide more character customization
  • Expanded building options including new material types and magical structures
  • Greater expansion of the House system to further incentivize group play and encourage House vs House warfare

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The Early Access version represents Citadel’s foundation, and includes a strong offering of features and content right out the gate. Some features will need to be fleshed out and polished over time, but we made a conscious decision to not pursue Early Access until we decided everything was in a playable and enjoyable state. We want to work with you guys to build up from this point, using your input to guide the direction of the game’s development.

Content available at our Early Access launch included:

  • 36 square kilometers of land with caves, dungeons and enemy camps to explore and loot
  • A large variety of skills and crafting recipes to be earned and unlocked across 60 player levels
  • A selection of spells with a variety of functions including combat, beast taming and resource harvesting
  • A robust and flexible structure building system with hundreds of structural pieces and magic enhancements
  • A wide swath of enemy creatures to fight, tame and mount
  • Ability to freely fly by means of broomsticks, potions and beast taming
  • A dynamic loot system providing near infinite variety among item drops
  • A House system allowing for player alliances and large-scale team play

Content we’ve delivered since our Early Access launch:

  • More weapons to equip and fight with such as the Bear Claw Gauntlet and Blade of Simeon’s Soul
  • Increased selection of clothing and armor to provide more character customization
  • New creatures such as the Infernal Dragon, Skeleton Warriors, Wild Boars, Forest Guardians, Phoenix, Giant Golem, Divine Unicorn, Abomination and more
  • Holiday themed loot and reagents for various occasions
  • A total revamp and improvement of the UI, HUD and menu system
  • A complete top-to-down revamp of the spell system to include new customizable spell crafting and all-new visual effects
  • Enhanced character customization with an expansion of cosmetic options to change head, neck, arms, legs, chest and torso proportions
  • Expanded building options including new material types, like the marble tile set, and castle decorations, such as rugs, beds, chairs, statues, bookshelves, trap doors and more
  • Material swapping and Tower upgrading to further expand offensive and defensive combat
  • Expansion of the House and Party system, with specific permissions and abilities added for House and Party members
  • Implemented the Forsaken Crypts which includes 3 End-game Dungeons and Boss Caves with new Boss Cave Armor sets
  • Added Daily Quest System customized for players at every level
  • Farming system introduced with seeds, sprinklers, fertilizers and farming plots to provide gameplay depth
  • Continuous server optimizations and programming fixes
  • Steam Trading cards introduced to unlock unique Citadel gameplay badges and Steam emoticons and backgrounds
  • Introduced 50+ Steam Achievements for Citadel players to unlock across all levels

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“While the price for the final, feature complete version of Citadel is still being determined, we are offering a discounted price for those gamers buying during its in-developer Early Access phase.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We’ve made it a priority to embed our philosophy of community collaboration right into the game. Shortly following the launch of Early Access, we will be introducing a system whereby players can vote within the game on features they’d most like to see added to Citadel. This will allow us to consistently address player wants and help have the game’s development be driven by the community in a significant way.

We are also committed to actively participating in the community on a variety of forum and social media platforms, gauging player reactions to new content and listening closely to what our fans want to see from us in future updates. Community feedback will be a huge part in guiding the future of Citadel, and we want to ensure that we are always delivering the experience you want.”
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Recent updates View all (147)

May 17

Hotfix - 05/17/2019 - Miscellaneous Fixes

Greetings Wizards!

We've put out a very minor patch to address a few issues introduced with our latest update. You'll find the following changes have been made:

Patch Notes
  • Fixed running being incorrectly calculated by the server when using gamepad
  • Fixed hitch caused on listen servers when transferring lots of items
  • Fixed issue where tamed exp would not track after relog
  • Fixed siege turrets sometimes not dealing damage
  • Increased reformation stone speed and heal amount
We hope you're enjoying our most recent update, see you in Ignus soon!
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May 15

Patch Notes - 05/15/2019 - Massive New Update: Huge Optimizations, Dynamic Weather System Added, Mastery Levels Added, Random Loot Drop System Added, Tons of Bug Fixes & More

Hello Wizards of Ignus!

We've been working away the last few months to bring you all an ENORMOUS patch with a vast quantity of balance and performance improvements.

Among other things, you'll find with this update that we've introduced mastery levels and items, allowing players to progress far beyond level 60 with new unlocks and increased rewards. These are intended to leave the base of the game (pre-60) relatively unchanged, while reducing aspects of grind for higher-level players.

There is also now a worldwide randomly-spawned loot drop system which provides various rare resources to those who find it. Some items within the system are guaranteed and always drop, whereas some of the items are picked at random.

Additionally, players may now build owned outposts using the new "outpost throne" and offensive structures have been added. There is currently no limit to number of outposts players may build, but the throne only allows players to build structures within a certain radius of it, and it has a no-build range similar to the regular throne.

Dynamic weather has also been added to Ignus, as well as a snowy tundra.

Check out the notes below to see everything else we've added to this update!

New Content
  • Marble transmuter added: automatically generates marble from rune power over time
  • New broomstick added: a lower mana decent speed option
  • Protein transmuter added: generates meat for cooking and tames from rune power over time
  • Essence transmuter added: generates a random essence from rune power over time
  • Large mana generator added: provides high mana reserves, and has a larger effective radius
  • Vitality pool added: simultaneously replenishes health and mana
  • Fertile farm plot added: grows plants at roughly double the rate of the regular plot, plants decay at half the rate of the regular plot, and has double the fertilizer and hydration capacity.
  • Mystical conjurer added: generates a random rare item from rune power over time
  • Offense structures added: a slow but automated siege system to help raze enemy bases
  • Rabbit's foot trinket added: increases player magic find by 80-100
  • Nexus stone added: allows players to teleport to their throne instantly
  • Raider stone added: takes a long time to activate, but provides a siege buff to friendly players within its radius

Balance and Tweaks
  • Doubled the wood reward from picking up sticks
  • Removed nature's essence from the loot of all NPCs (except forest guardians and golems)
  • Added a chance of obtaining nature's essence from trees
  • Added minor biome-specific rewards to trees
  • Adjusted the NPC XP curve from levels 60 to 70
  • Added XP rewards for level 60 craftable items as well as level 60 quests
  • Standardized the names of the skeletons
  • Fixed some janky tree LODs
  • Cleaned up some poorly-placed foliage in the tundra
  • Fixes for some griefable rocks
  • Adjustments to griefable structure doors and doorframes
  • Increased spell charges by 50% for most spells, reduced siege balance accordingly so it maintains the same ratio
  • Reformation stone repair cost increased from 10 mana to 15, now heal structures for 240hp/min/stone
  • Adjusted the minimum attack range for some bear attacks
  • Adjusted the magic find calculation for some trinkets
  • Fixes for some loading screen tooltips
  • Adjusted boss loot rewards for consistency: average rare item drop down by 1-2
  • Adjusted some NPC sounds to ensure they play in the correct channels
  • Cleaned up first-time player spawns
  • Lowering level and knowledge requirement for obelisk of protection
  • Magic find has been adjusted and crafting involving that stat should feel much more rewarding. It's important to mention that the magic find number on the player stat menu represents the percentage that is multiplied by the background odds of rolling enhanced stats. For example: the player has a base value of 100, so if an item has a background extra mana chance of 10%, the odds of rolling that stat on craft are exactly 10%. Having a magic find stat of 175 would increase those odds to 17.5%.
  • Increased demonic eye magic find from 10% to 100
  • Increased the magic find values rolled on crafted armor significantly
  • Fix for collision on the large split hanging flag
  • Fix for bear rug material
  • Adding Hobart's Growth Solution to boss loot and as a guaranteed drop to world loot drops

Technical Changes
  • All structure rendering is optimized using GPU instancing
  • Increased structure render distance, structures fade out at a distance
  • Added structure streaming, this prevents huge amounts of memory being used to spawn structures and only loads the ones in the world that the player needs to know about
  • Dramatically decreased load times when entering populated servers with many structures
  • Optimized structure memory, server memory usage decreased
  • Optimized particle systems on magic structures for faster rendering times. Moved certain particle systems to use GPU particles
  • Improved performance on many UI interactions
  • Fixed the voip slider
  • Improved physics performance
  • Eliminated camera "whipping" effect when a hitch occurs
  • Fixed a number of reported crash cases
  • Upgraded the engine to use Unreal 4.21
  • World settings are now synced so that when a player customizes their server, joining users get the expected values
  • Players now drop consumables when killed
  • Fixed issuers where some channeled spells were not replicating properly
  • Elixir of amnesia no longer hitches clients
  • Modified level streaming to not invoke GC so often, this reduces hitching while travelling around the world
  • Landscapes are only partially loaded for memory savings, terrain lods are loaded at a distance
  • Player no longer fails to auto-equip starting items in single-player
  • Broomstick league ball goal streams farther
  • Saving now takes less server performance, backups are not on every save iteration
  • AI no longer gets stuck when pushed off a navmesh. AI can act regardless of having a navmesh
  • Fixed a bug where the structure would disappear if restyling to a piece not known
  • Fixed an issue where the player could be stuck suffocating if dismounting while underwater
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not create a house while mounted
  • Thrones are vulnerable to being damaged once again
  • Increased flag draw distance on castles
  • Fixed issue where first-person arms could go invisible
  • Warding obelisk can kill tames rather than bringing their health to 0 and leaving them alive
  • Fixed an issue where the house owner could still interact with a kicked house member's structures
  • Added structure limits: server limit is now 250k structures. Structures are limited to 20k per 10k region.
  • Updated localization data
  • Storm armor now reflects expected amounts of damage
  • Added game credits
  • Fixed a bug where the player's tame would be lost if the player is killed while the tame menu is active
  • Timesliced replicated actor spawning
  • Player can now sprint while swimming
  • Fixed a number of spells getting in stuck states if switching weapons quickly after casting
  • Fixed NPC XP displaying and calculating improperly
  • Fixed structure healing using light beam spell
  • Tames provide the player with a notification if killed online or offline
  • Tames that are killed provide a map marker that indicates if the tame has loot available
  • Network error messages are clearer and do not contain random text
  • Fixed issues with crafting where the number of items being crafted would frequently reset
  • Fixed issues where the player would be unable to manage a craft (on self) after exiting the crafting menu
  • Thrones and respawn stones should no longer be able to be created inside any rocks. We have chosen to veer on the side of allowing false positives, so there may be times where a throne or respawn stone needs to be moved away from the rock before it can be built.
  • Dead players do not start with 100% health. This is an added penalty to make PVP more meaningful.
  • Many gamepad fixes and improvements
  • Lowered the volume of the introduction videos

We hope you enjoy these new changes and take the time to check them out. Game performance should be significantly improved with this update and many, many miscellaneous bugs should be fixed.

Enjoy this new update and see you all in Ignus soon!
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About This Game

Citadel: Forged With Fire is a massive online sandbox RPG with elements of magic, spellcasting and inter-kingdom conflict. As a newly minted apprentice of the magic arts, you will set off to investigate the dangerous world of Ignus. Your goal: create a name for yourself and achieve notoriety and power among the land’s ruling Houses.

You have complete freedom to pursue your own destiny; hatch plots of trickery and deceit to ascend the ranks among allies and enemies, become an infamous hunter of other players, build massive and unique castles, tame mighty beasts to do your bidding, and visit uncharted territories to unravel their rich and intriguing history. The path to ultimate power and influence is yours to choose.

Welcome to the magical world of Ignus: a 36 square kilometer landmass of sweeping plains, dense forests, craggy mountains, festering swamps and frozen tundra. Leave no stone unturned as you explore dangerous caves and ancient ruins to recover powerful artifacts and uncover a rich history spanning thousands of years. Embark on a journey across the land to find the perfect place for you and your allies to call home.

Master a diverse range of powerful spells. Discover your conduit of choice among a huge selection of mystic wands and staves, magically imbued axes, swords, maces and hammers, and enchanted gauntlets.

Align your efforts with fellow Warlocks to create a mighty House. Create an internal hierarchy of power, design and plant your own House flag, share your resources to build huge castles and team up to hunt legendary creatures. Wage war with opposing Houses or hatch plans of deceit and trickery to cause internal chaos and ascend the ranks within your own.

Use the Pacify spell to tame ferocious creatures and amass an army of minions. Tamed companions will gain experience and grow with you as you travel the world and triumph in battle. Siege an enemy fortress with a horde of savage Orcs, ride Horses and Direwolves to quickly traverse the vast landscape, or rain fiery death upon your enemies from the back of a Dragon!

Construct your Dream Castle using hundreds of structural pieces found within a flexible and easy-to-use building editor, or take advantage of the dynamic destruction engine and crush someone else’s. Enhance your fortress with magical structures like defensive shields, attack towers, mana pools and respawn stones. Unlock new fortification materials and building features as you level up: with so many materials and pieces to work with the only limit is your imagination.

Are you an old, bearded and wise Warlock or are you a young, ambitious and strong-willed Mage? Create your own style with a huge variety of clothing and weapon options. Discover a near limitless variety among these items’ stats with Citadel’s rich and deep loot generation system; every loot pull is different and ensures that fighting monsters and exploring dungeons is a constantly rewarding and memorable experience.

Why walk when you can fly? Use your Wizardly prowess to take to the skies. Enjoy the convenience of a custom-crafted broomstick, tame and mount airborne companions like dragons and giant eagles, or use alchemy to concoct potent elixirs allowing flight without the aid of beast or broom.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or better
    • Processor: 2.0GHZ or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 950 equivalent or better
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 20 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 or better
    • Processor: 3.0GHZ or better
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GTX 970 or better
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 20 GB available space

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