Quand le shooter à défilement vertical rencontre le tower defense. Vous êtes l'envahisseur ! Utilisez des armes de destruction ou piégez l'ennemi dans un dédale de tours. Sélectionnez les différents types de tours extraterrestres dans le mode construction, ou jetez-vous dans la bataille!
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30 août 2017
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30 novembre

Nintendo Switch version is almost ready - and it's good news for everyone!

Hello everyone!

It’s been quite a while since we shared the last piece of information about the X-Morph: Defense port for Nintendo Switch. We have an excuse for that, and it’s a good one - the game is almost ready! We spent the last couple of weeks working really hard to make the gaming experience on the Switch as smooth as possible. It has been an exciting process and we have also learned a lot from it. What follows is quite a detailed description of what’s been going on (there’s also a TL;DR version, just scroll down).

We made sure to transfer the whole X-Morph: Defense experience to the Nintendo Switch.

At first, we did not plan to develop X-Morph: Defense for the Nintendo Switch. Even though many people have been asking for it we just kept saying no. We were aware that porting the game to the Nintendo Switch would prove to be a challenge. Packing so much content and keeping the quality consistently high on mobile hardware is no easy feat. All the requests from players have stayed in the back of our minds and we finally decided to give it a try. So, in a sense, you have made it happen.

During the campaign, you will see all the levels, weapons and enemies known from the other versions.

X-Morph: Defense is quite a demanding game even for the latest consoles. The amount of visual effects and physics calculations keeps all the processing cores saturated with work at 100% most of the time. Nintendo Switch is a significantly less powerful device due to its portable nature. It meant we had to optimize many elements while keeping the experience largely unchanged. Therefore, we set some goals for ourselves. Stable performance, no gameplay changes, the same level of destruction, in both docked and handheld modes.

The new towers are available with the base game at launch.

Stable performance was the first one. Our aim was to achieve 30 frames per second both in handheld and docked mode. After we got the game up and running we began performance profiling to find problematic parts of the game. Through trial and error, we arrived at a stable 30FPS in 720p in handheld mode, without the visuals taking a big hit. Sure, we had to cut some props here and there and reduce some particle effects, but the game looks and plays great in handheld mode.

Our team has pushed the Switch hardware to its limits, EXOR never gives up on explosions!

As for the docked mode, we tried 1080p at first. An important fact here is that in 1080p the device has to render over twice as many pixels as in 720p. Unfortunately, the Switch does not become twice as fast in docked mode and the performance wasn’t satisfactory. Cutting objects from the game was out of the question since we didn’t want the handheld version to suffer. Therefore, we decided to reduce the resolution to 900p. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough, so we also reduced the size of the post-processing buffer responsible for HDR bloom. The difference in rendering quality is negligible, but it gave us an extra 2-millisecond boost in frame rendering time that allowed us to equalize the handheld and docked performance.

The gameplay is dynamic and responsive, as you have to constantly adapt to the types of enemies attacking your core.

The gameplay itself is exactly what you saw in other versions of X-Morph: Defense. The number of enemies has not been reduced, all the missions are the same and all the levels play out exactly as you would expect them to. We had to reduce the amount of debris left by the enemies, but we compensate for that with added score multipliers, counting both for the resource gathering and the final score. Some maps have undergone cosmetic changes to reduce the strain on the hardware, but these changes have no effect on the gameplay.

The destructible environment has always been one of the biggest advantages of the game. Keeping this feature and maintaining performance required some clever trickery.

The destructible environment was a big challenge. Buildings consisting of physical chunks require the device to render a huge amount of polygons and it was too much for Nintendo’s handheld. To combat that, we made custom, static versions of all physically simulated destructible objects in the game, which we swap for the dynamic versions once they are damaged. This saves up performance when it comes to the polygon count, but costs 90MB of system memory in our case. It is a lot. Nintendo Switch has a lot less memory on board than the PS4 or Xbox One. Just to get the game running we had to reduce memory usage by about 30%. Code optimization, texture size reduction, and sound compression got us there, but it was not a cakewalk. Memory fragmentation was one of the greatest issues, causing crashes and rendering the game unplayable. We fixed the stability by allocating static memory pools for the game components, such as sounds, particles, GUI, videos and save files. We eventually managed to stick to the limits.

Even though we had to cut down on some visual effects, the game still looks gorgeous.

The only gameplay feature we had to cut is the co-op mode. Our split-screen mode requires the device to render almost twice as many elements as in the single-player mode. It doesn’t mean that all calculations are done twice - the physics, AI, or pathfinding require only a single operation. Our experience from working with other platforms shows that split-screen requires about 30% more processing power. Such a number exists under the assumption that we have some spare CPU cores and we can use them to parallelize some calculations. We do not have this luxury on the Switch - we use 100% of resources at all times. It means we would have to cut down on some features and do a lot of extra work. This is why we decided to leave the split-screen out from the game for now. We do not rule it out in the future, but can’t promise anything at this point.

The red-hot rivers of lava on Iceland are one of the most eye-catching features in X-Morph: Defense.

We know that download sizes are a big concern in the Switch community. Through numerous optimizations, we have reduced the package size from over 4GB to just a little bit over 1.6GB. Among other things, we have used OGG Vorbis compression on our audio files and removed the 4K-ready textures, as they would never be utilized anyway. Moreover, this is the first release of the game on the Switch, meaning we do not need to keep older versions of the maps just to keep save files compatible. This way you will be able to have X-Morph: Defense installed alongside other games, without worrying about the free space on your device.

The boss fights remain as epic as ever.

X-Morph: Defense will be available together with all the updates that were previously released on other platforms. It means that you will be able to enjoy the survival mode, additional tower types and all the little changes that happened over the course of the game’s lifetime. All the pieces of premium DLC will be available for purchase day one. We also do not raise the cost of the game - it will be around the $20 price point, with currency-specific adjustments.

Tricking your enemies into taking a suboptimal route is very important. The control scheme remained unchanged, so you have perfect control over the battlefield.

Last, but not the least important is the release date. We wanted the game to be released before the end of 2018. The reality has verified our plans, but the delay is not that big. X-Morph: defense will become available on Nintendo eShop in very early 2019. We are also looking into releasing a physical edition of the game - we will share more info about this as soon as everything is 100% confirmed.

And finally - TL;DR:
  • Very early 2019.
  • The base game has all the free updates that were previously released on other platforms.
  • All DLC available for purchase at launch.
  • 720p/30FPS handheld, 900p/30FPS docked.
  • All gameplay features including fully destructible environments and building physics remain except split-screen co-op.
  • 1.6GB install size.
  • $20 price point with currency-specific adjustments (check Steam pricing for reference).
  • No gameplay changes.
  • Digital download from Nintendo eShop.
  • We’re looking into physical release options.

Developing the Nintendo Switch version has been a challenge, pointing out problems we did not know about and allowing us to optimize the game beyond what we imagined. All the optimizations will also find their way onto other platforms with future patches. This way our fans can enjoy improved performance on all devices. We hope you’ll have as much fun playing it as we had working on it.

Let us know if you have any further questions!
EXOR Studios

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16 novembre

Community Map Spotlight - Oasis

Long time no see!

First of all, we would like to apologize for being so quiet here lately. We’ve had our hands full working on the Nintendo Switch version and the recently released mouse and keyboard support patch for Xbox One. We aren’t the only ones who have been at work, however! One of our community members, Makichika, known here as Daisy 023 created an awesome map we would like to showcase today.

The map is called Oasis and it’s Makichika’s first one ever. And, oh boy, what a first map it is! The setting enchanted us with all the little details spread around the city. Just to give an example - there are emergency team cars standing beside the buildings on fire. It’s minute, but evokes the feeling of invading a city that is actually inhabited!

When it comes to gameplay we have to give you a word of warning. Oasis is really hard. The number of enemy units, especially the air support is through the roof. You can easily control the ground units with proper mazing and most of them can be forced to take a single path, but you’re going to have a lot of things to take care of. We recommend starting on easy and then working your way up, once you’ve got a grip on the specific waves’ power levels.

Once you jump the hurdle of 1000 (sic!) jet fighters you are going to be rewarded with something we have not seen before on a custom map - dialog lines and cutscenes implemented from the original campaign, Makichika has chosen the elements which fit the narrative of the Oasis and added them to the level. It’s another small thing that just adds to the awesomeness, You will also encounter Manticores and Tortugas, the enemies from the latest DLC (even if you don’t have the DLC)!

There is one small bug you have to look out for - there is an armored door to the south of the core. It is supposed to be destroyed in the bomber cutscene, but sometimes it does not happen. It can lead to some errors, but it’s resolved by simply bombing the door. We know it’s going to be fixed soon, though! Makichika is also working on more custom maps, so we’re very excited to see what’s next.

When Pacanus saw me playing the map he just said “What pretty chaos!”. Do you have what it takes to survive this madness? Find out today, download the map from the Steam Workshop!


Have a good one,
EXOR Studios


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“X-Morph Defense is a fantastic meeting of 2 popular genres, and Exor Studios have made it work, and it works well”
9/10 – Adult Gaming Underground

84% – PC Guru - Printed Magazine

“X-Morph: Defense is a marvel of physics, visuals, and that incredibly fulfilling arcade feeling.”
8.5/10 – TechRaptor

Enhanced for the PC

  • Uncapped frame rate, works even in 144FPS
  • Support for panoramic resolutions 21:9 included
  • Custom Keyboard + Mouse Controls, created specifically for the PC. No artificial constraints.
  • Customizable controls
  • NVIDIA Game Ready Certified

À propos de ce jeu

Quand le shooter à défilement vertical rencontre le tower defense. Vous incarnez les X-Morph, une espèce extraterrestre bien décidée à voler les ressources de la Terre. Sélectionnez les différents types de tours extraterrestres dans le mode construction, ou jetez-vous dans la bataille ! Construisez des labyrinthes pour piéger l'ennemi dans un décor aux possibilités stratégiques infinies. Détruisez les immeubles et les ponts pour consolider votre défense, ou juste pour le plaisir des yeux! Profitez d'un large choix d'armes extraterrestres, et utilisez des stratégies de défense inédites.

Votre objectif est de défendre les X-Morph des vagues humaines ennemies. Chaque nouvelle vague est précédée d'une phase de préparation durant laquelle le joueur peut vérifier quels types d'ennemis vont l'attaquer, et observer leur parcours. Cette phase est illimitée dans le temps, le joueur peut donc soigneusement préparer sa défense, ou choisir de combattre immédiatement et de placer des tours durant le combat si nécessaire. L'une des fonctionnalités clés du jeu est la possibilité de construire des tours pratiquement partout sur la carte, et ainsi de baliser le chemin de l'ennemi en reliant les tours entre elles grâce à des barrières laser. Le joueur peut choisir de construire de longs labyrinthes reliant des tours basiques, ou de placer des tours avancées, qui sont aussi plus efficaces selon la nature de l'ennemi. Les tours avancées se spécialisent en fonction du type d'ennemi. Ainsi, les tours de feu sont idéales pour détruire des unités terrestres qui se déplacent rapidement, les tours d'artillerie pour faire face à d'importants groupes d'ennemis lents, et le laser anti-aérien pour abattre les bombardiers lourds.

En tant que combattant X-Morph, vous pouvez attaquer directement les unités ennemies avec un arsenal d'armes variées. Vous avez la possibilité de prendre quatre formes différentes selon la nature de la menace. Chaque forme possède une attaque de base et un mode spécial attaque chargée. Plasma, la forme la plus répandue, est efficace dans la destruction des unités aériennes et terrestres. Bombardier de la matière noire est parfait pour anéantir des groupes d'unités au sol. Il peut aussi ralentir le temps et lancer des bombes de matière noire capables de détruire des bâtiments. Déchiqueteur est spécialisé dans l'anéantissement d'importants groupes d'unités aériennes humaines, et permet de dégager la voie dans le ciel. Enfin, Laser est idéal pour faire fondre d'importantes unités individuelles. Il est également capable de charger une anomalie gravitationnelle qui engloutit les plus petites unités ennemies. La diversité des armes et des ennemis, ainsi que le dynamisme d'un décor entièrement desctructible offrent une expérience de jeu de tir d'arcade unique.

Un soin particulier a été apporté aux décors du jeu, qui sont presque totalement desctrutibles. Clôtures minuscules, immenses gratte-ciels, ponts et bâtiments peuvent être détruits en reproduisant les effets réels de la physique. Les destructions ont non seulement un effet visuel, mais elles peuvent aussi modifier de manière significative la nature du champ de bataille. L'association de décors dynamiques, de barrières laser et du calcul en temps réel des chemins ennemis, permet des scénarios de jeu inédits.

Les êtres humains cherchent désespérément à défendre leur territoire. Pour ce faire, ils ont créé des machines de guerre mécaniques grandes comme des immeubles pour se battre les uns contre les autres, et ils comptent désormais s'en servir pour anéantir les X-Morph. Chaque combat de boss est unique et modifie considérablement le décor de jeu. Des villes entières risquent d'être rayées de la carte.

X-Morph: Defense propose un mode coop en écran partagé. Toutes les missions bénéficient d'un scénario différent conçu spécialement pour le jeu en coopération. Les ennemis attaquent en nombre et depuis des directions variées, et la coopération est essentielle pour l'emporter. Dans ce mode, différentes configurations sont possibles : un joueur peut se concentrer sur l'optimisation du placement des tours, pendant que l'autre tire sur l'ennemi, ou les deux joueurs peuvent concentrer leurs tirs sur les ennemis les plus coriaces.

Configuration requise

    Minimale :
    • Système d'exploitation et processeur 64 bits nécessaires
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 7 64bit Service Pack 1
    • Processeur : Processor: i3 2.6Ghz or AMD equivalent
    • Mémoire vive : 4 GB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : GeForce GTX 460 or AMD equivalent
    • DirectX : Version 11
    • Espace disque : 4 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte son : DirectX compatible sound card
    Recommandée :
    • Système d'exploitation et processeur 64 bits nécessaires
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 10
    • Processeur : Processor: i5 2.6Ghz or AMD equivalent
    • Mémoire vive : 6 GB de mémoire
    • Graphiques : GeForce GTX 960 or AMD equivalent
    • DirectX : Version 11
    • Espace disque : 4 GB d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte son : DirectX compatible sound card

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