Football, Tactics & Glory是一个策略游戏,只不过用足球替代了回合制战斗中的武器和魔法,要去发展一支俱乐部而不是城堡,在球场难以满足需求时升级球场。在游戏中,对战术与策略的思考是你最重要的技能。
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Editing weather in the modifications

We continue working on the big update which is going to add revolutionary improvements to already great Leagues Editor.

Today, I want to tell you about one more feature which we started working on.

Soon, you will be able to edit weather in any country. Do you want to create eternal winter? Want to change the frequency of heavy rains? Want to change an existing country with an average weather on a new one with hot weather?

It will be possible soon:

Eventually, we want to give you the same possibilities we have ourselves when editing leagues. But at the same moment, we want to create a very useful interface. Also, we are changing the data structure so the game can take the outer data from the modifications.

Current status of the development of the new features
At the moment, we are still developing the new features I have told you the last week.
In around 1-2 weeks we are going to update the Beta with these two features.

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Two big features for the Leagues Editor

On this week we didn't update the Beta because there were quite hard features to develop.

But I want to tell you a bit about these features. I'm sure that players who love developing and editing the leagues will be glad to hear what we are working on.

Changing the number of the teams

We want players to be able to edit the number of teams in every league. The minimum number of the teams will be 8 (10 for Premier league). The maximum number - 20.

Now, it will be possible to create more realistic championships. Also, there will be a space for experimentation with league formats.

However, the general rules of the tournaments will stay untouched. I.e. no matter how many there are teams in the leagues, the teams will continue to participate in the Prestige, National and continental cups.

Changing the names of the tournaments

Many players asked us about that. And finally, we have decided to do it.

The main complexity is in taking to account all the forms different languages can use the tournament names in. So we remake all the texts, search for tournaments names, and create special editing sheets for every language. It will be very easy for English, but significantly harder for German or Russian, for example.

But when we finish this features, you will be able to rename every tournament. I'm sure it will make the playing experience much more realistic.

Btw, when testing this feature we used some weird names for the tournaments just to be sure that everything works as expected even in the weirdest cases. It was very funny to see how these names in the game. Just look at the screenshot:

When will it be possible to test the new features?
We really hope to release them into the Beta in around 2-3 weeks. Despite they are partially working in the internal builds, we don't want to release them not finished.

Want to discuss?
Forum - the main hub for the discussions
Twitter - here, we publish short news, screenshots etc
Discord - good place to discuss the game
Facebook - only news
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Reddit - news and discussions

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“Football, Tactics and Glory shines because it provides lots of stories, triumphs and disappointments.”

“If, like me, you crave the drama and flavour of club football, but don’t have the patience to grapple with full-blown management simulations like Football Manager, or the manual dexterity or even-temper necessary to play games like FIFA, anticipate obsession.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“A real innovation: deeply addictive”


Football, Tactics & Glory has its Discord server, where players talk about the game, share their experience, and discuss tactics. I often answer questions there and share there work in progress. Join us by this link!

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Football, Tactics & Glory是一个为热爱策略游戏的人准备的足球管理游戏。

Football, Tactics & Glory重新定义了足球管理的方式,使它能吸引所有的人,而不止是足球经理类游戏的狂热爱好者。

如今,这款游戏已经让许多玩家为之投入了几百小时。Football, Tactics & Glory略过了足球经理中那些繁琐的部分,像是无穷无尽的表格、数字、安排以及微管理。

如果你喜欢回合制的游戏、策略游戏或者一些大亨类游戏,你一定会喜欢Football, Tactics & Glory。


- 独特的回合制系统
- 融合了财政与角色扮演元素的俱乐部发展
- 超强的面部编辑器
- 支持创意工坊,从而让你能创立现实中的联赛
- 线上游戏支持
- Twitch集成(观众能够与玩家互动)


    • 操作系统: Windows 7
    • 处理器: 1 GHz
    • 内存: 1 GB RAM
    • 图形: Shaders 3.0, minimal resolution 1024 x 768, recommended dedicated graphics card with 512 MB of RAM
    • DirectX 版本: 9.0c
    • 存储空间: 需要 800 MB 可用空间


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