Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alec Meer)

Welcome back to Unknown Pleasures, our weekly wade through Steam’s ever-deepening sewers to find ten sparkling new releases that perhaps have not enjoyed the attention they deserve.

This week: absurdist sports medicine, roguelike vs poker vs match-3, bumblebee simulation and chimp-powered internet. … [visit site to read more]

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Graham Smith)

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time.>

I was vibrating with excitement by the time god game Black & White came out, having read umpteen development diaries about its physics, its AI, its morality system, its gesture controls… So many ideas! So much potential. … [visit site to read more]

Warframe - (Philippa Warr)


Remember how a dark priest is due to show up in Warframe [official site] this week? Apparently that’s happening today and it brings with it a graphical overhaul of Earth. There are also some more details of the Chains of Harrow questline – I’ll plonk them after the jump in case people are concerned about spoilers! … [visit site to read more]

Longsword - Tabletop Tactics - (Fraser Brown)

I have spent a silly amount of cash on tabletop games that rarely see the light of day. It s increasingly difficult to get a bunch of people in their 30s to drop their babies and spouses and pop round to mine for a day of Star Wars Armada or Arkham Horror. So games like Longsword Tabletop Tactics [official site] make me very happy.

Army building, miniature painting and custom tabletops — it seems to be everything you d expect from a tabletop game, inside a PC game. It s on Kickstarter now, though it seems to be struggling a wee bit, so why not take a peek?

… [visit site to read more]

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Fraser Brown)

Cryptark [official site] is a side-on shmup that pits a mech with a gun for a head against derelict spaceships filled with monstrous drones made out of bone and steel. It s all for a good cause: earning cash to fund more space pirate adventures. It also looks absolutely gorgeous. It s left early access and is out now.

… [visit site to read more]

Planet Coaster - (Fraser Brown)

Apparently it s summer — it s always hard to tell up here in Scotland — which means that it s time for Planet Coaster s [official site] third free seasonal expansion. It s a big one, fattening up the the game with new rides, customisable panels, terrain options and scenery. It s available now, and you can watch the trailer below.

… [visit site to read more]

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Philippa Warr)

Life of Tar

Life of Tar [ link] is an game which caught my eye because of a) its art style and b) it lists the La Brea Tar Pits as an influence. It’s a short cycle where you potter around environments gated by portals of sticky tar. It made for a really pleasant short game walk too so I made a little video! … [visit site to read more]

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Fraser Brown)

Not to be confused with the big alien lizard that once threw a polystyrene boulder at Captain Kirk, Gorn [official site] is a gladiatorial VR game from Broforce and Genital Jousting developers Free Lives. It looks exceedingly bloody and silly, and it s coming to the Vive via Steam Early Access on July 10. Check out the trailer below.

… [visit site to read more]

DOOM II - (Fraser Brown)

Would you like a $3,000 copy of Doom 2? Sure, that s a little bit more expensive than the 5.99/$4.99 Steam version, but you d be getting five whole floppy disks! When the world ends, that plastic might be valuable. Still not convinced? Well then, I guess John Romero will have to sell his copy to someone else.

… [visit site to read more]

Prey - (Brendan Caldwell)

Raphael Colantonio, the founder and president of Arkane Studios and creative director of recent fuzzy alien basher Prey, has stepped down from the studio after 18 years. It is time for me to step out to spend some time with my son, he wrote in a statement, and reflect on what is important to me and my future. Colantonio was also the co-creative director on Dishonored, and the man who once referred to us grubby journalists as press sneak fucks . … [visit site to read more]


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