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CrimeCraft Update Released

Product Update - Valve
14 nov 2012
* Added Lottery Tickets on the Black Market.
* By using a Ticket player will get a random reward. The Lottery is safe - players will always get something from it.
* Players can win a random gun fully upgraded with epic attachments from a Slayer Lottery Ticket.
* Players can win a random complete set of epic armor from a Warden Lottery Ticket.
* Players can win a random epic combat AUG from a Specialist Lottery Ticket.
* Epic lottery items have the highest combat stats among other in-game items.
* Epic Lottery items are bind-on-equip and can be traded to other players.

* Added a random daily Double Cash, Double Loot and Double Experience events.
* Double Rate event takes place every day 1 hour before the first Tournament start.
* Double Rate event takes place every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 2 hours after the 1st tournament start.
* Double Rate event takes place every day 2 hours after the second Tournament start.

* All characters who won a Random Tournament on Halloween will get a special unique Title: a "Halloween Winner".
* Increased the maximum amount of cash that one character can have up to 100000000.
* Revamp the Practice mode for low-level players:
* Increased the combat stats and cost for all Gold Coins attachments.
* Silver&Smith A2M5 SMG rate of fire increased to 810 up from 800.
* Oslo Odin SMG rate of fire increased to 625 up from 600.
* Fixed the issue that Heavy Hitter set didn't correctly give silent movement and didn't reduced opponents' turrets detection range.
* Fixed some issues with the scoring system in matches.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the http://forums.mayngames.com/showthread.php?85448-Patch-Notes-9-November-2012-1.14.syn

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