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Serious Sam 3 Update Released

Product Update - Valve
Oct 15, 2012
- NEW! Added 7 new versus maps and 3 new survival maps.
- NEW! Added support for VAC.

- When playing versus with automatic map rotation, if playing some map other than the official ones, next map would always be Slumoner. Fixed.
- Fixed problem with debris sometimes being lit by distant light even in underground rooms.
- Updated localizations for Chinese, Russian, Polish and Czech.
- Added support for caching GLSL shaders' binary code under OpenGL via "GL_ARB_get_program_binary" extension. (Currently only works with separated shaders!)
- Fixed some cases where (false positive) credentials errors were causing the moddable game to exit.
- Fixed SeriousEditor reporting credential errors when user tried to finalize files from list.
- Fixed SeriousEditor reporting credential errors when user tried to execute custom script commands.
- Fixed a case where 3rd person player model would be left without weapon in hand in some situations.
- Devastator projectile can now hit other physical projectiles.
- Driver version detection now works under OpenGL.
- Update auto-detect GPU info for new and existing cards.
- JPG files are now supported as a valid texture file type.
- Fixed a very very rare case of crash when printing time/date values (e.g. in load/save menus).
- Fixed an enemies remaining without an animation (rendering T-pose) in some very rare cases.
- Fixed jetpack sound being heard on entire map.
- Fixed errors when getting on or off ladders in network in some cases that didn't manifest on official maps.
- Fixed Rockets exploding on launch in some cases if fired while swimming.
- Fixed some wrong HUD visuals happening when using combinations of keyboard/mouse and gamepad.
- Fixed player banning not working and re-enabled player time ban in voting menu.
- Added support for OpenGL "GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects" extension, which speeds up shader compiling under OpenGL.
- Fixed fight music sometimes continuing playing when an event script was supposed to induce silence.
- Fixed big lens-flares being visible over sniper mask.
- Fixed black screen issue under OpenGL when player is hurt. (Mostly appeared on Mac)
- Added OpenGL extension for determining amount of video and texture RAM on NV and ATI GPUs.
- Fixed some artefacts on Pirate Pete player model.
- When no players are alive and have no lives left in a game mode that uses lives, game play will end (in 5 seconds to allow after death score from kills) and map will be restarted.
- In case there are no living players anywhere on the world, the first available spectator camera will be selected as best.
- Some optimizations in sound playback system.
- Light streaks effect quality is now smoother and can be adjusted via new 'efx_iStreaksQuality' cvar.
- Fixed black surfaces in some cases when a model with Vegetation shader is instanced.
- Further optimizations in multithreaded renderer.
- Fixed a rare crash when using C4 in network games.
- Various rendering performance optimizations.
- Fixed occasional crash at startup of Serious Editor.
- Faster texture uploads under Direct3D. Also, if d3d_bMultiThreadedDevice=1, it can upload in separate thread.
- Numerous bug fixes for OpenGL rendering.
- tex_iSquishCompressionQuality controls DXT compression quality of Squish algorithm; used only when NVIDIA texture tools are not installed
- Serious Editor now supports high quality texture compression even in Steam builds. Install NVIDIA texture tools ( http://developer.nvidia.com/content/gpu-accelerated-texture-compression ) to enable this.
- Updated fbx import to support blend shape animation.
- Fixed bug which caused falling damage when player would climb down the ladder.
- Ladders can now be used underwater.
- Player can now exit the ladder after climbing down to its base, even if there is no floor below.
- Fixed cases where ladders would not work correctly on clients.
- Fixed a rare crash that happened some times if client was left in the "you were disconnected" screen for very long time.
- Several optimizations in network processing, which lower the CPU load on server and make better use of available bandwidth for clients.
- Added steam_bEnableVAC cvar for starting a dedicated server with VAC support. VAC is now enabled by default.
- Added a checkbox for filtering VAC unsecured servers in the server list.
- Server list now shows an icon for VAC protected servers.
- Dedicated server no longer reports errors if XInput is not installed.
- Using third person view mode is no longer reported as cheating in versus game modes.
- Fixed RConServer handling of cursor offset when pasting text or using home / end keys.
- Rcon telnet server now prevents brute force password guessing attacks by limiting number of allowed connection attempts by various criteria.
- Fixed a possible crash when processing texts with invalid utf8 sequences.
- Fixed cursor navigation in game console in presence of utf8 characters.
- Voting info now properly handles player names that have html tags ("<", ">", "&") in them.
- Fixed a rare bug where level stats of a finished level would be written to a wrong leaderboard.
- Gamepad layout menu no longer renders its menu reflection, to improve readability.
- Fixed problem with menus glowing all around after returning from the game sometimes when rendering resolution was smaller than screen resolution.
- Raw input system now detects XFire and falls back to legacy sytem, because XFire breaks raw input on the system where it is running.
- Added warning in split screen menu if XFire is running. (Since without raw input one cannot use multiple keyboards.)
- Fixed some rare general multithreading crashes (all platforms).
- Fixed several cases of wrong rendering when multi-threaded renderer was enabled: translucent objects, first-person weapon and some other models flashing, morphs not working.
- Fixed crash when using multi-threaded rendering in editor and trying to edit a model.
- Fixed a possible crash in editor when attempting to edit a non-local script bound to an entity of a world which had previously been closed.
- Fixed a crash in script editor when inserting a new object into an empty line in a script by drag and dropping it.
- Fixed an issue preventing auto-complete from working if used on the first token in the first line in script editor.
- Skeletons (and animation editor) now support three types of bones - bones, joints and null bones. FBX importer automatically uses null and joint bones where needed.
- FBX importer now supports importing and exporting polygon maps and morph maps.
- Updated FBX importer to handle negative timestamps for animation keyframes.
- Added mesh simplification tool (Ctrl+Shift+C) in mesh editor. It can be used to automatically create LODs or generally simplify meshes.
- Environment grabber now also temporarly disable rendering of comments, so these are no longer baked inside probe lights.
- Door entity can now be set up to ignore distant lights (added "Ignore distant lights" property).
- Find entities dialog now has an "Extensive resource search" button. Entities which in any way reference a resource whose file name matches the search expression will be selected. Note that this is very slow and can take a few minutes on production size levels.
- Fixed crash when trying to test model without collision geometry for raycast.
- Fixed an issue where third person weapon tool would remain visible after switching to hands weapon to show sirian bracelet.
- Fixed some rare cases when enemies would behave strangely if player was in water.
- Rather than starting with the first spectator camera on the world, the camera closest to a living player is selected.
- Spectator camera's current FOV is now kept same when switching between cameras.
- Spectator view now uses standerd HUD rendering system to obey all of its settings, scaling, etc.
- Players are no longer forced to exit spectator mode during mid-game round countdown.
- Fixed various problems for players that were dead during cutscenes (not seeing the CS, spawning on wrong place...)
- Players will no longer produce wound sounds and effects if damaged while dead.
- A sound is now played when extra life is received.
- Added Intel GPUs to auto-detection list. This is just first version, and will possibly need more tweaking. (Intel GPUs are still not officially supported.)
- Added new GPUs from nVidia and ATi to auto-detection list.
- Fixed OpenGL initialization crashing on drivers that returned invalid values for identification.
- Added workaround for wrong report from ATI OpenGL driver about max render target size supported (GL_MAX_RENDERBUFFER_SIZE).
- Fixed some rare cases where shadows were rendered wrong due to visibility errors.
- Added further optimizations to visibility system for shadows.
- Instancing now works even on destruction models.
- Fixed a model disappearing too early if it has several meshes with different max distances and/or fading lenghts.
- Fixed problem with some models flashing when fading out.
- Fixed flashing pyramid in cut-scene in Luxor level.
- Fixed occasional junk screen on startup.
- Fixed extremely slow updating of font texture when using extended Direct3D device.
- Fixed some HDR brightness parameters from one split-screen view being applied to another in some cases.
- Highlight shader now renders in correct brightness when HDR output normalization is used.
- Loading shaders from disk is now faster.
- Some shaders now report errors for some invalid setup combinations, to aid properly configuring them.
- Optimized zoom shader so it doesn't render the effect in vain when very weak.
- General optimization in CPU usage for per-frame preparations for some shaders.
- Several optimisations in mirrors, refractions and water rippler, as well as SSAO, color ramp processing and light-streaks effect.
- Added compatibility testing cvar 'efx_bNoColorGrading' which, when enabled, forbid color ramping in post-processing pass.
- Radio chat controller now has IsInRadioChat() functoin to determine if a radio chat is currently in progress.
- Khnum now adjusts its feet on unlevel ground.
- All jetpack parameters are now overridable through zone controller.
- Jet pack can now be dynamically added and removed from script using AddJetpack() and RemoveJetpack() macro functions.
- Weapons that don't need auto-aiming no longer show the indicator.
- Pressing "aim" button when auto-aiming is enabled will lock on target even for weapons that don't have aim-down-sight.
- Auto-aim target tracking during aiming is now more robust handling cases such as spiders on ceilings.
- Fixed multiple players sometimes being able to attach a sticky bomb to the same entity on the same attachment.
- Fixed sticky bombs sometimes failing to lock on attachment in some rare cases.
- Puppets can now define custom stretch multiplier for locked on sticky bomb projectiles / attachments.
- Fixed possible lockup in spaceship's beam attack.
- Fixed cases where enemies using some tactics would never be able to unable to reach their foe.
- Tactics without markers now work.
- Fixed an issue with enemy kills in beast hunt mode not being counted if achieved via indirect damage (e.g., killing a kamikaze near another enemy, killing them both with kamikaze's blast).
- Ramesseum - fixed bug where in Cooperative if some player with picked canister came to fill the car within 3 seconds after other player filled last canister (8/8) script could fail and level could not finish.
- Fixed a rare issue where destroying some object would leave another object on top of it floating in the air.
- Fixed the spinning view bug that sometimes appeared on OSX.
- Updated fbx import-export to sdk version 2013.2.
- Updated fbx import-export. Fixes for model mover and unit conversions.
- Player sprint state is now canceled when game session is finished (winner or round winner is declared).
- It is no longer possible to sprint when carrying MyBurden.
- It is no longer possible to sprint underwater.
- Fixed a rare crash after respawning a player who was gibbed.

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