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DoD Team Public Server Open for Play

Announcement - Valve
15 Okt 2002
The Team's Public Day Of Defeat Server is open for play on Recongamer.com at DoDTeam Public Server

Come enjoy a mix of official and custom maps on our quality recongamer.com server.You will also be able to check your stats on our Psychostats server. Our admins and latest anti-cheat software will help to give you hassle free game play. You might even see some of the Team drop in. Hey how many people can say "I fragged Thunder_Weenie last night!" Well ok almost anyone that has played with him can say that but still....:p

We will also be making this server available to any clans that might like to reserve it for a night. Contact [DoD]ShellShock for details.

We hope to see you there.

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