Product Update - Valve
Aug 24, 2012
Tower Wars v1.001 Update!

In-Game Stats and Functionality
-Fixed a bug where Mechanized Stature Diminishers were not hitting Zoombots.
-Changed Madam Sudsie’s shield cast on allies from 20/30/40/50 shield/sec to 22/33/44/55 shield/sec and increased how often shields are applied from 2 seconds to 1.25 seconds.
-Fixed a bug where level 1 Ballistic Impulsion Facilitators would track units way too far away.
-Changed Ballistic Impulsion Facilitators stats from 30-60-9 / 38-76-11 / 45-90-14 per hit to 15-60-15 / 19-76-19 / 22.5-90-22.5 (vs health-armor-shield).
-Changed BP gain from units. It was previously a flat bp/s for 30 seconds, then would falloff linearly to 0 over 20 seconds. It now starts 160% higher and drops linearly over 50 seconds. Every unit that survives for 50 seconds will still gain the same BP as before, but it’s gain is now more front loaded.
-Changed Voltaic Liberation Apparatus Damage from 30-30-198 / 32-32-212 / 33-33-218 to 25-25-150 / 25-25-150 / 25-25-150 (vs health-armor-shield). Upgrades now only give you the extra jumps.
-Weak Shield Charge tech corrected. It was 20/40/80 additional shield, but should have been 20/40/60.
-Barracks tech tree stats reduced. All health/armor/shield techs have had their %s reduced, but the additional bonuses go unchanged. Unit speed and BP gain techs also reduced.
-Unit unlock costs changed. The unlock cost curve has changed to be linear. Tier 2 is now more expensive at 250g and 250bp, but end-game units are now cheaper to unlock.
-Reduced the cost of the Equine Subterfuge Transport send from 762g to 400g.
-Baron von Peptos had a recent argument about the best color to wear into battle, red, or blue. Though red is the clear winner here, they could not settle, so they decided to set their machines to no longer heal each other out of spite.

-Reduced the power of wind FX on the fan, particles should blow so far out now.
-Camera shakes added to Mechanized Stature Diminisher attack.
-”Exit Game” renamed to “Surrender” in the in-game menu. This is currently how you give up. A better surrender feature will be added at a later date.
-Added new UI panel, the in-game player list! This new panel shows all players, playerscores, and your team’s current gold and BP. You will have to manually set the hotkey yourself, or reset your hotkeys to default to get it to work. The default hotkey is F5.
-Added a link to our Steam Community group in the main menu. Join us for updates and news about the game!
-Added PlayerScores to Host and Match Setup lobbies.
-Added player card to main menu, showing your PlayerScore, Wins and Losses.

Under the Hood
-Fixed a bug where the camera would start in very wrong places.

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