Product Update - Valve
13 août 2012

-Multiple crashes fixed

-More fixes with respect to saving/loading

-Fixed a bug that held ships in warp after battle

-Fixed bug that prevented ships from using stargates in battle (flee
from battle)

-Multiple improvements of UI, texts, etc.

-Plotstopper in human and arthrox campaign fixed

-Added version number to Kalypso Launcher window

-Added loading screens for most load phases

-Fixed a bug: The moral bars in your known planets overview could be

-Fixed a bug with productivity bars not showing the correct value in
your planetmanagement

-Added antialiasing to video options

-Added vsync to video options

-Temporary removed battle options 'intercept', 'pass' and 'auto-solve'
from pre-battle screen. They should return when AI improvements are

-Removed a bug that enabled parts of debug overlays

-Fixed a bug that prevented the 'open slots' filter in LAN/Internet
browser working correctly

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