Product Update - Valve
Nov 24, 2006
Updates to The Ship have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

New Features
  • Added cash and truncheon body groups for the security guards
  • Fixed Single-Player fence mission special items not respawning after failing mission
  • Fixed Single-Player fence sometimes not reapearing when the mission is failed
  • Fixed Syringe being on MFK table multiple times
  • Fixed using consumable item after holstering a weapon then unholstering resulting in wrong weapon
  • Fixed player view height when sitting after ducking
  • Fixed footstep sounds sometimes not playing after spawning
  • Weapon switching disabled when scoreboard is up
  • Looked doors should all now have the locked examine description
  • Corpse Container crosshair changes to examine icon when someone else is using it
  • Corpse container sound changed
  • Problem with number of players in game fixed for listen servers after listen server disconnects and restarts
  • Weapons no longer get drawn floating in mid-air at the origin of the map before players have been in the same part of the map as each other
  • Fixed picking up lots of items in jail resulting in legal items the player was carrying before not being returned
  • Console message to say when the 'kill' request will be granted now appears in client console instead of server console
  • Players are now healed between rounds if they are poisoned or on fire
  • Bunny-hopping exploit not allowed now
  • Fixed bug with weapon being available after innocent kill but not being drawn
  • Flare now registers a valid kill
  • French keyboard layout used when Steam language is French
  • Surface properties for models fixed - large and small Capstand, cleaner's A-stand, trolly dolly, all bins and hand dryer
  • V Model for shank improved
  • Balanced item spawners for all maps
  • Fixed container busy message appearing sometimes when you are already using a container
  • Added ballgown and kilt shop mannequins and stopped these costumes spawning in other containers
  • Fixed Polish language support

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