Product Update - Valve
Jul 17, 2012
Defense Grid update:
- NEW: Added a scrolling marquee to the Main Menu and Mission Selection to individually thank all of our Kickstarter donors!
- Added in some logging to track down leaderboard issues a few people have been having.
- SECOND WEEKLY GAME UPDATE OF FIVE: To celebrate the new Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter we’ll be updating the game with new content over the next four weeks. To view and enter the contests, go to the Contest button on the Main Menu.
- NEW CONTEST: Play the new mode, “Shredder”, added to the “Borderlands” map “Infiltration”.
- NEW CONTEST: Play the mode “Fully Loaded”, in “The Awakening” map “Barrier to Entry”.
- NEW CONTEST: Play the “Alien Breeder” mini-game.
- NEW CONTEST: Create your own Defense Grid fan trailer video.
- NEW CONTEST: Create the most popular Defense Grid fan trailer video.
- Cheat codes that may help in creating your fan trailer. While playing a level, each cheat code is entered on the keyboard and must be proceeded by “=” or “4”. Then type one of the codes listed below.
- happerdown = Enables/disables music playback.
- hideui = Show/hide the user interface.
- hidecursor = Show/hide the reticle in the center of the screen.
- riotmod = Enter/exit free camera mode to let you fly around the level. The camera can ONLY be controlled by using a game pad.
- Left thumbstick = Rotate the camera up/down/left/right.
- Right thumbstick = Move the camera up/down/left/right.
- Left shoulder button = Move the camera forward.
- Right shoulder button = Move the camera backward.
- The A and B buttons still function as normal to build and upgrade towers.

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