Product Update - Valve
Jul 12, 2012
Hello Heroes,

Tonight many updates are going to be released.

First of all, Might & Magic Heroes 6 Pirates of the Savage Sea is going to be released tonight by 7 pm CET.
This Adventure Pack will introduce original heroes, mythical places and artifacts, familiars with over 10 hours of gameplay! You can find more information about the content here (
Might & Magic Heroes 6 Pirates of the Savage Sea will be available on Steam, Uplay and other local sites.

That's not all as the patch 1.5 will be released tonight by 7pm CET as well. As we have already announced and showed, the patch 1.5 will bring brand new town screens to Heroes VI (…): they are now full 2D screens and fully animated. We really suggest you to check them out ingame!
This time we also focused on the balancing: to accomplish such a tremendous task, we gathered a lot of your feedback (thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and analysis!) and worked closely with the VIP fans. Today you can test the first results. As Limbic confirms (, it is not the last balance update. We will monitor closely how it works and bring changes if needed in the next patches. You can still share your ideas and thoughts with us on the official or community forums as your help is very appreciated by the dev team!

The last and the very awaited change we promised you to bring to Heroes 6 in the patch 1.5 is compatibility of online and offline saves. Unfortunately, this change will not be a part of the patch 1.5 and will be released later on. This last minute change is due to unexpected technical constrains that force us to go back a bit to the drawing board regarding our approach. The plan is to develop this feature as intended but will require a few more weeks of fine tuning before getting a proper release. We are really sorry about that. We are aware that you are eagerly waiting for this update and how important it is for you and we’ll do our best to release it shortly.
Regarding the latest Uplay update and related issues with users' saves: saves may have temporarily disappeared from your folder "\Documents\Might & Magic Heroes VI". The issue is currently under investigation on our side and we are closely monitoring the situation with the Uplay team in order to sort this out as soon as possible. In the meantime and while waiting for the patch 1.5 and the Adventure Pack to be released tonight by 7 pm, let’s have a look at the release notes:

Game Interface:
  • Added the Townscreens for all factions
  • Added a "Close Townscreens button" replacing the "Next Turn" button in the Townscreen Menu.
  • Added a Hide GUI button in the Townscreen Menu

Game Content:
  • Added the Adventure Pack compatibility

Bug Fixes:
  • The spellbook of a dead secondary hero remains active and the town portal can be used after the secondary hero is killed by the AI.
  • Incorrect percentage given by the Arachne's level 4 ability (Life Drain). Correct damage to life percentage is now applied no matter the stack size (15% of the damage is transformed to life)
  • The tooltip for the "Creatures, Heroes and Towns" tab in the Kingdom Overview, contains debug text.

Major Balancing effort:
  • Abilities modifications:
    • Direct Damage Spells power increase
    • Healing Spells mana cost increase
    • Creature Abilities:
      • Heal Core Units abilities only available for the upgraded version
      • Light decrease on several Creature Abilities

    • Hero Passive and Active Abilities
      • Passive Characteristics bonuses increase

    • Reputation Abilities
  • Light characteristics modifications on all Faction units
  • Abilities/Creatures Description and Background modifications:
    • Chain Lightning Hero Ability tooltip is now: Deals damage (Air) to the target stack and jumps to three extra enemy stacks. Damage is reduced by 15% by each jump.
    • Lightning Bolt Hero Ability tooltip is now: Deals damage (Air) to target enemy creature.
    • Fireball Hero Ability tooltip is now: Deals damage (Fire) in target 3x3 area."
    • "Acid Cloud" Hero Ability display name now replaced “Poison Cloud” Hero Ability.
    • Acid Cloud Hero Ability is now: Creates a 3x3 cloud of acid which deals damage (Earth) each turn. Lasts until the end of the combat.
    • Acid Cloud description in Spell book is now: Conjures a 3x3 cloud of acid which inflicts Earth Damage every turn. Lasts until the end of the battle.
    • Abyss Gate Hero Ability tooltip is now : Currently acting friendly stack returns to the Abyss, then comes back in reinforced in the next turn. The gate remains on the combat map and can be destroyed. If the gate is destroyed the stack can only return after the combat. Will not increase stacks above their original maximum.
    • Fog Veil Hero Ability effect tooltip is now: All Creatures affected by Storm Winds are now dealt damage (Air) and also inflicted by the "Dazed" effect.

  • Complete balancing list can be found in the readme file of 1.5 patch (

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