Product Update - Valve
30 Μαϊ 2012
Pole Position 2012 Update 4.3 Changelog:

- Bug fixed: When you deactivated or activated a team, that team would be doubled
- Bug fixed: Self-developed fuel tanks above level 2 could not be installed
- The effect of the driver attribute “Quick on Curves” has been reduced
- Bug fixed: An incorrect value was displayed for handling in the wind tunnel
- The amount of gas now has a stronger effect on lap times.
- The difference between hard & soft tires is now greater
- New drivers now demand a salary depending on their talent (no longer just 10,000)
- Emails are now sorted by date
- When you save a game, the date is now also included in the savegames’ name
- Bug fixed: The tire rule was no longer working
- Changes in weather have now been greatly reduced
- Chance of rain reduced
- Bug fixed: Extremely slow cars should now no longer hold up following cars.
- Bug fixed: After starting a new game, it was possible to select a sponsor from the old game
- Members of the pit crew are now between 19 and 30 years old
- Employee talent now increases randomly
- Tire wear now has a stronger effect on lap times
- In training & qualification, you can now view the intervals for the first and leading car, using a new button in the race display
- In a race, you can now view the intervals for the first and leading car relative to the last checkpoint, using a new button in the race display
- The strength of NPC teams increases & decreases
- The leading car in a race is now marked with a star-symbol
- Only the current year is displayed in the lower bar: “2012 Season”
- Bug fixed: The salary for your own drivers was not being deducted
- Bug fixed: Rain tires B deteriorated too quickly
- The talent of the junior drivers no longer increases so quickly
- Bug fixed: The salary for personnel was not being deducted
- Random events now occur less frequently, some have been removed
- Bug fixed: Weather conditions were only being adopted by the cars for a few seconds after the start of a race
- Bug fixed: The winner of a race isn’t overwriting the winner of the previous race anymore.
- An icon now indicates which driver is selected in a race
- When both cars are called to the pit at the same time during a race, there’s no longer a bug that left one car stuck in the pit. The second car will recognize that the pit is occupied and will attempt a pit stop during the next lap.

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