Product Update - Valve
May 25, 2012
May 23, 2012 UPDATE
Game: Fixed bug with incorrect weapon displaying on other players after joining game
Clans: you can now have 2 symbol tag (and maximum is 4 symbols)
Clans: Show proper error message when you don't have enough GC to buy clan slots

May 24, 2012 UPDATE
New 64 player conquest map: Suhar Valley
Two new packages have been added: [DEV] Kewk package and Bad Ass package. Check them out in in-game store
Knife for melee has been added
Crossroads redux map has been removed

Bug fixes:
Fixed rendering bug after changing resolution in main menu, your character wouldn't be rendered properly
Clans: fixed bug that you were able to create a clan with empty space in clan tag
Clans: fixed bug that you were able to create a clan with empty clan name
Clans: GC rewards are not eligible for guild donations. Players who have no bought GC from the store are unable to donate to the clan reserve.
Fixed bug with missing grass on some levels
Crash fixes

May 25, 2012 UPDATE
Bug Fixes:
fixed bug that berserker ability might be triggered when you are out of battlezone area or in enemy's spawn area
fixed bug that weapon attachments from current weapon were affecting UI stats of not purchased guns
Suhar Valley fixes
crash fixes

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