Product Update - Valve
May 24, 2012

- Added NAT traversal to support Universal Plug and Play multiplayer (uPnP)
- Added SystemSteamworks cleaning to lobbies, leaderboards and stats
- Added multiplayer scoring system
- Added multiplayer scoring combo system
- Added multiplayer scoring difficulty levels
- Added pop-up saying "Joining" when connecting to server
- Added a loading icon to denote Browser Refresh in server browser
- Added timer to allow clients time to submit scores before retrieving leaderboard results
- Added a destroy steam lobby feature when shutting down server
- Added "Ready" and "Not Ready" features to multiplayer lobby along with name coloring
- Added leaderboard display before a multiplayer match start
- Added Duplicate ID detection to avoid the same player join the same game more than once, to prevent cheating
- Added notofication pop-ups for "Wrong Password", "Server Full" and "Duplicate ID"
- added "Connection to the Host lost" notification
- Added Auto-Skip Voting after everyone has voted
- Added game difficulty influence on time penalty factor
- Added weapon effects when being hit by enemy players
- Added option to toggle weapon effects when being hit by enemy players
- Added weapon Enemy Hit confirmation sound


- Imrpoved loading time between maps
- Improved overal HUD interactivity
- Improved speeding in lagging conditions


- Reworked multiplayer system to use Steam Lobbies
- Reworked achievement system to include all available achivements
- Reworked missing achievement actions
- Reworked quick game feature, it automatically now joins the first available, best latency game
- Reworked the combo time bar to fix graphical glitches
- Reworked overal HUD to accomodate HUD Sounds and avoid HUD streching
- Reworked HUD powerup code to avoid rare minor bugs that causes powerups to not show or act properly
- Reworked Private Games to allow passworded games to be hosted properly
- Reworked Shot weapon to have more impact on enemies
- Reworked weapon speed and homing options to allow easier targeting of moving enemy players
- Reworked Air Control effects when being shot by enemy players


- Changed password input typoes to normal input fields
- Changed the name of the PowerupPickups to Pickups in lobby to fix HUD streching
- Changed mouse smoothing is now off by default
- Changed escape button in pause menu automatically closes menu
- Changed NotifyRemainingVoteTime to show less announcements to avoid chat spam
- Changed playing alone in Multiplayer will no longer submit scores to multiplayer leaderboard to avoid cheating
- Changed launching movie to be initialized via direct script


- Fixed air control not being affected by difficulties properly
- Fixed leaderboards sometimes not showing the correct results
- Fixed leaderboards sometimes not showing up scores on Lobby Startup
- Fixed clients in multiplayer hearing some of the sounds twice
- Fixed lobby not being recreated after server travels to a new map
- Fixed "Wins:" on MP leaderboard
- Fixed fullscreen being set off when opening the main menu
- Fixed PureRace gamemode showing up as "undefined" in the server browser
- Fixed a race case where the lobby was created before registering the server
- Fixed host moving with WASD while in lobby, and not being able to type into chat
- Fixed achievements values
- Fixed Update List button sometiomes crashing the game
- Fixed credits button "Back" sometimes no showing up properly
- Fixed PureRace gamemode HUD - it was showing stars instead of laps
- Fixed player nickname colors in HUD
- Fixed powerup icons not showing up on the client in some cases
- Fixed score multiplyer always being 0 on client
- Fixed multiplayer scoreboard not being ordered by score amount
- Fixed pause menu not being hidden when the lobby was forced to show (game ended)
- Fixed fast land key to be applied to LeftAlt by default (as per tutorial)
- Fixed server browser to accept Update Spam and Join Spawm withouth overflooding and crashing the game
- Fixed Poison and Freeze powerup effect not showing up on target side
- Fixed Powerup Kill not being reset after the powerup duration time passed
- Fixed MegaJump effect not being hidden after jump in some cases
- Fixed the winning points that show up in the HUD being different from the points actually given
- Fixed LapLimit to sometimes default to 1
- Fixed the combo timer not being reset when the player forces a respawn (presses I)
- Fixed Pause Menu in singleplayer sometimes opening up the MainMenu HUD
- Fixed mouse sensitivity resetting to default after game restart in rare cases
- Fixed toggle sky feature not working properly on some configurations
- Fixed a minor bug in IMOnlineLeaderboard that could cause a crash
- Fixed map image not loading correctly when moving between start a Singleplayer and Host Game
- Fixed the menu going back to Main Menu caused by credits rolling the background
- Fixed multiplayer matches being forced to end due global TimeLimit
- Fixed leave pop-up buttons that were faded out in some cases
- Fixed combo timer reset on falling into the reset field
- Fixed player list on the lobby not getting an update when a player leaves
- Fixed OnlineSubsystem only being initialized on ForceStart
- Fixed Server Browser always trying to connect the 1st server in Browser List
- Fixed initial freeze when loading the Main Menu for the first time
- Fixed rehosting Authentication-Error issue
- Fixed scoreboards on latest Engine QA build
- Fixed difficulty multiplier to only one decimal value to avoid HUD streching

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