Product Update - Valve
23 май 2012
Version 1.13

Adds :
- 3 new maps created by our community.
2vs2 map called "surrounded" made by Suntox
4vs4 map called "Mining colony" made by Everian
6vs6 map called "Anchorage" made by Spiz

Fixes :
- Some tooltips have been corrected.
- Double turrets removed on "Hell Pass".
- The minimap of "Extraction field" has been fixed.

Balances :
- The armor of the "Support ship" has been lowered by 10 points.
- A light side turret has been removed from the "Support ship".
- The "Forcefield" now can take critical damage.
- The shield of the skill "Defense turret" has been raised to 500 points.
- The armor of the skill "Defense turret" has been lowered to 25%.
- The skill "counter-measures" is now effective against the classical shot of the artillery ship(when the area of effect is shown), but not against its skills.

Ranking :
- Custom games are now ranked.
- The ranking system has been changed to be more relative to the level of the players. A victory grants 10 points and a defeat removes 10 points.
- All the ranks start at 1000 points.
- For our veteran players their ranking will be calculated by their victories/defeats.

The fan-maps have been modified in order to respect the gameplay constraint.

Due to the instability of the game from the release, we're gonna reset all the "desertion" to all our players. This is a chance for a new start.

Thanks for your attention and have a good day commanders.

Tindalos Interactive

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