Product Update - Valve
Apr 2, 2012
Updates to Waveform have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Bug fixes:
-Fixed the sticky cursor bug plaguing a few users. Special thanks to the Steam community for their help tracking this one down and to admiralnlson for his Metacritic review that brought the issue to our attention
-Fixed crash for graphics cards whose OpenGL implementation cannot support glBlendFuncSeparate
-Don’t show global stats on loading screen if no data is available from the Steam servers
-Fix missing level objects in Sun 7 (the credits level)
-Correctly save achievements earned during Deep Space Modes

New functionality:
-If you have the option selected to pause the game by right-clicking the mouse, you can now unpause the game by right-clicking the mouse

Note for any user experiencing strange visual bugs on the title screen (i.e. black screen, missing images)
-Support is coming soon for a launcher menu upon entering the game to change visual options in order to fix compatibility errors. In the meantime, try modifying the game's resolution and fullscreen settings in the config.ini file located within the config folder of the game's install directory, which has helped many users fix their problems thus far.

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