Product Update - Valve
Jan 24, 2012
Enabled ragdoll
Updated weapon sounds
Mines will not trigger through walls anymore
Claymores are now directional (damage goes in front of the claymore)
Updated level up rewards
Added range to flags
Made flag icons smaller
/suicide is now a valid chat command
Updated End of Round screen
Added functionality for multiple people to tag the same target with the camera drone

Fix for mouse pointer appearing at the beginning of Sabotage games
Fix for an issue when screen stays black & white after sabotage game started
EOD skill now works as described
Fixed an issue when bomb dropped in Sabotage game might be left in the air
Fixed quick throw for grenades (was throwing sometimes two grenades in a row)
Fixed bug when in sabotage game players were not always getting proper scoreboard info
Fixed bug when respawn screen timer sometimes gets stuck at 0
Fixed bug when zooming in and your aim would move to the side
When joining sabotage match, the game will no longer force you to remove your RPG, server will remove it automatically for that match
Corrected location for mine and claymore placement
Fixed bug when sometimes after joining sabotage game you would see scope from previous game
Fix bug when some objects would disappear due to improper bounding box
Dropped weapons and weapons picked up by other players now have correct weapon upgrade information
Fixed Eye Spy ability

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