Product Update - Valve
19. jan., 2012
Updates to Dota 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. Fixes include:

- Enabled Invoker!
- Bloodseeker: Fixed Rupture not hurting heroes when they blink.
- Bounty Hunter: Fixed Track ignoring Linken's Sphere.
- Morphling: Fixed Morph removing Curse of the Silent.
- Puck: Fixed Ethereal Jaunt from triggering Last Word/Magic Stick.
- Puck: Fixed Phase Shift autocasting if you were already stunned before.
- Puck: Fixed being able to move in certain situations while auto-casting Phase Shift.
- Silencer: Fixed being unable to steal Int from dying magic immune heroes.
- Silencer: Fixed Last Word silencing invulnerable units.
- Silencer: Fixed stealing intelligence from Reincarnating heroes.
- Spiritbreaker: Fixed Charge of Darkness picking units that are invisible or in the fow when it tries to find a new target.
- Spiritbreaker: Fixed Charge of Darkness ignoring Hex.
- Spiritbreaker: Fixed Greater Bash working with illusions
- Spiritbreaker: Fixed Greater Bash bonus damage working on Towers, Wards and Denies
- Spiritbreaker: Fixed Charge of Darkness and Greater Bash going through Magic Immunity
- Storm Spirit: Fixed Ball Lightning costing draining more mana if you cast it again while still in it.
- Tiny: Ultimate Scepter upgrade is now enabled.
- Tiny: Fixed Toss damaging allied units.
- Fixed Dagon int bonus being off by 1.
- Fixed Arcane Boots giving 300 mana instead of 250.
- Fixed night vision radius being a little smaller than intended.
- Standing right next to a tree no longer removes its vision obstruction.
- Silencer: Fixed Global Silence silencing only heroes.
- Enabled Silencer and Spirit Breaker in Captain's Mode.
- Fixed Healing Ward and Windrunner auras' sticky durations to 2.5 seconds.
- Fixed Dagon's incorrect intelligence bonus values.
- Fixed Heaven's Halbred's disarm allowing attack-spells to be cast through it.
- Fixed Orchid using the old values at the new price.
- Fixed Pipe not costing any mana.
- Fixed Flying Courier HP not being upgraded after the last update

- Added Steam avatars to the dashboard.
- Added Dota Profile page to the main menu, showing your personal match history, commendations and most successful heroes.
- Fixed a bug where your control could be lost if you were selecting a enchanted/converted unit. It now goes back to your hero.
- Party area of miniprofile now uses Steam avatars.
- Party area of miniprofile now shows rich presence for friends
- Party area of miniprofile now shows "View Steam Profile" link for non-friends
- Party chat channel automatically gets focus when you join a party
- Added a '*' to channel tabs with pending messages
- Fixed being able to sell back an item for full price if it was combined using an item that had an active ability.
- Added spacebar to pause games during replays.
- Fixed clicking on the minimap border and then dragging into the minimap resulting in the camera getting stuck to the cursor.
- Chat channels now get deleted if the last member in the channel goes offline.
- Fixed clicking on blank space in the UI sending move orders to invalid locations.
- Default private lobby version is now Tournament Mode.
- When player names draw they now draw with player color instead of white.
- Added leave party button in mini profile.
- Now when attempting to cast-attack a target while hard disarmed, the error message "Can't Attack" will appear when you reach attack range of the target.
- Holding now spotlights your hero.
- Illusions now copy the number of charges in source unit's inventory items.
- Fixed Courier purchase having no cooldown (now 7 seconds, primarily for accidental purchases early on).

- Fixed bots repurchasing a courier when their courier died.
- Fixed a case where bots would buy duplicate flying courier recipes.
- Improved Earthshaker bot's Echoslam logic -- he'll now search for optimal places to Blink + Echoslam.
- Made bots better about detecting attacking units without cheating and detecting other units' right-clicks.
- Fixed Windrunner's buildout which broke due to the new Orchid recipe build. Also added force staff to her build.

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