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ARMA II: British Armed Forces Updated

Product Update - Valve
Dec 22, 2011
ARMA 2: British Armed Forces version 1.03 changelog


* Several stability and game saves fixes as well as mission tweaks
* Some new BAF missions included
* Various data fixes

the changelog is always approximate, we suggest You to read also CIT (Community Issue Tracker) roadmap of resolved/closed bug/feature tickets:
* ARMA 2: BAF version 1.03 - http://dev-heaven.net/versions/1175

The complete list of all previous and upcoming versions and theirs progress is available on URL below (the size of page is huge so it may take while to load)

We would like to thanks all BIF & CIT staff/mods/volunteers, whole ARMA community, our partners and everyone who helped us to release this mega-patch!

Merry Christmas time, great holidays and Happy New Year! - see http://www.bistudio.com/happy-holidays/

More details http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_British_Armed_Forces:_Version_History

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