Product Update - Valve
Nov 25, 2011
Stronghold 3
Version - 1.5.24824
Patch Notes

- Mini-map and warning notifications have been added.
- Mini-map now has arrows indicating the location of the keep when off-screen.
- Fixed various wall issues that were causing crashes.
- Fixed issue with troops changing the set stance when moved.
- Fixed issues to make withdrawing units from combat easier.
- Selectable building and troop limits have been added to multiplayer.
- The defensive bonus on walls and towers has been increased.
- The aggressive attack range of troops has been doubled.
- Fixed some multiplayer issues causing the game to go out of sync.
- The game now launches directly into the correct resolution.
- Various small bug fixes.

Please be aware save games made before patch1.3.24532 that contain fire will crash when loaded.

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