Product Update - Valve
Nov 21, 2011
Updates to Red Orchestra 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Map Balance
- Reduced Elite Riflemen and Assault roles on all maps.
- Fixed various spawn camping issues on all maps.
- Apartments - Added additional allied spawn after capturing the first set of objectives
- Barracks - Fixed an exploit that allowed you to get into a wall
- Fallen Fighters - Added missing spawn on squad leader spawns to sewers and trenches
- Grain Elevator - Added a spawn for the Allies that is on the 4th floor. This for when the allies are defending the Foothold
- Spartanovka - Fixed a issues with spawn protection incorrectly showing up when one of the objectives was captured in the 16 player version.
Also fixed an Allied spawn not working correctly on the 16 player version.

- Reduced the fps hitch during first spawn
- Improved the frame rate smoothing video setting to give more stable FPS
- Fixed memory spike when changing teams in the role selection menu
- Improved physics performance (removing another cause of hitching)
- Fixed a crash when device was lost

- Fixed a wall exploit while leaning
- Satchel objectives can now be 'captured' by destroying the target
- Fixed getting kicked for idling if the server has set MaxIdleTime when reinforcements have run out, or when dead in countdown mode.
- Fixed momentary green scope texture when taking over a bot with a sniper scope.
- Fixed a bug where tank crew members would be invisible the first time they unhatch from the driver seat
- Tank geometry should no longer disappear after being killed as a tank crewman
- Several problems with the hero rank have been addressed (Enemy loadout weapons not showing up, losing hero status after death, UI refinements,
- Launching the game the first time will add a setting, HUDTipsLevel, to ROGame.ini. Changing this will reduce the amount of text tips that appear on the HUD (0 - All Tips, 1 - Moderate Tips, 2 - Few Tips).
Looking for feedback and later on we may add it as a menu option.

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