Product Update - Valve
Nov 18, 2011
Trine 2 Beta 4th update 18 November 2011:

Major improvements:

- added the Beta for Mac
- added support for NVIDIA 3D Vision


- fixed several issues with controllers
- fixed minor things in the Launcher (resolutions, refresh rate choices update, background image disappear)


- fixed the Knight's shield "leaking" with high latency
- fixed Wizard animation not always being restored in the Tutorial in a multiplayer game
- fixed "Hosting Online Game" and "Connecting" message screens issues
- fixed toggling Multiple Mice & Keyboards option causing a controller disconnection
- fixed controller hintmessages not being shown for the local player properly
- changed text chat to not break words


- added ability to change controller type in the Game Settings/Host Game menu
- added Network Settings menu
- added Microphone menu
- added version number to Main Menu
- added support for ESC to close loading screen window

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