Product Update - Valve
Nov 1, 2011
Update Notes:
- Not so secret Chocolate Update appeared on the main screen! Bringing some levels, and news blocks/ennemies to play with
- Community: new blocks and ennemies are available in the editor
- Community: 'Par system' (yellow and green stars) can be tweaked in the exist portal parameters
- Community: new icons to indicate the presence of a 'Par' or a custom BTM chest in levels
- Community: you can delete a level by pressing DEL key! (not the same effect depending the mode: creation or online browsing)
- Community: you can duplicate a level in creation mode using INSERT key! (can be used to RENAME levels or build a new level based on another one)
- Community: ingame news feed appears in the bottom of all community menu screens (when you are online only)
- Community: Avoid the game to return to main menu when loading a level 'from a version from the future', instead display comprehensible message
- Editor: better editor actor picking (Left Shit + click): now you can pick an actor from a layer different from the current layer
- Editor: exit portal can link to another level automatically
- Soundtrack: 2 new tracks to unlock from Morusque!

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