Product Update - Valve
2011년 10월 28일
Dino D-Day has been updated with LOADS of new content! New dinosaurs, new weapons, new game mode, new map! Check it out:

- Added the Compsognathus to the Axis team. Lurk in the shadows, take the enemy out with the grenade strapped to your back!
- Added the Microraptor to the Axis team. Soar over the battlefield searching for a victim. Use your poison spit to disable him and then sneak in for the kill!
- Added the Flamethrower as an alternate loadout for Nigel on the Allied team. With more dinosaurs about you'll need something to torch them with!
- Added the M1 Carbine and Grease Gun as alternate loadouts for Hardgrave and Joe on the Allied team. Make sure you choose the right gun for the job!
- Added Capture Point game mode. A multiplayer classic!
- Added brand new Sicily map - cp_troina. Battle over five strategic points in a war torn Sicilian town!
- Numerous bug fixes and polish suggestions that have been proposed by the community. Check out our forums for details!

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