Product Update - Valve
Oct 19, 2011
Updates to Source SDK have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- This update addresses all know issues introduced over the past week including:
* Crash when opening the VGUI model browser in Hammer
* Hammer lockups
* Black textures in Hammer, HLMV, and Faceposer
- Added a new Engine Version called ‘Source Engine MP’ which is the proper one to select if working with Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike:Source, or Day of Defeat: Source. Users should select ‘Reset Game Configurations’ in the SDK Launcher so that these games become properly associated with the new engine version.
- Tools binaries for Portal, Half-Life 2 and its episodes are now located in a directory called ‘sourcesdk/bin/source2009/bin’. Users may need to update shortcuts they’ve created for vtex.exe, studiomdl.exe, etc. in order to ensure they are using the proper versions of these tools. The binaries used for modifying Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike:Source, or Day of Defeat: Source remain in the ‘sourcesdk/bin/orangebox/bin’.

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