Product Update - Valve
Aug 18, 2011
  • Fixed an issue in which the game would not detect local saved data if players lost their connection to Steam cloud storage.
  • Fixed an issue where remapping the Left Trigger and Right Trigger gamepad controls fired the default commands unexpectedly
  • Fixed an issue in Roathus Lagoon that could cause players to get locked out of the level's final area
  • Added support for several advanced command-line parameters (aka Launch Options in Steam).

To set Launch Options in Steam, right-click on Bastion in your game library, select Properties, then select Set Launch Options.

NOTE: Please be advised that these settings are recommended for advanced users and may adversely affect your game experience.

The parameters are:
  • -isomovement

    Using the default Slinger-style WASD controls, diagonal movements will more closely adhere to the isometric perspective. We would appreciate your feedback about this change via our Steam forum (linked below).

  • -windowed

    Forces the game to start in windowed mode.

  • -x [value]

    Forces the game to a specific X resolution.

  • -y [value]

    Forces the game to a specific Y resolution.

  • Example: to run the game in 1280x720 (720p) resolution: "-windowed -x 1280 -y 720"

  • -noborder

    Runs the game in windowed mode but with no windows title bar or border. (This may improve compatibility or performance versus full-screen mode in some cases or provide a preferable experience.)

  • -deadzone [value]

    Allows a custom joystick dead zone for players experiencing issues with their gamepads. Value is the fraction at which input should register. Example: "-deadzone 0.4".

  • -lang [value]

    Forces the game to load a specific text language. Available options are "en", "fr", "it", "de", and "es" for English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish, respectively. Example: "-lang de"

  • -nofixedstep

    Turns off fixed time step so that the game no longer dictates the frame rate. (This may improve performance for some users but may also lead to erratic performance in other cases.)
For more information on Bastion technical support, visit the FAQ topic in the Steam forum.

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